How a Desirable Bathroom Really Sells a Home

How a Desirable Bathroom Really Sells a Home

The bathroom can be one of the biggest selling points of your home – or, they can drag down the value of your house. Things like luxury showers, sophisticated fixtures, and even just a fresh coat of paint can make your bathroom shine. While a full renovation might be outside of your budget, there are lots of tricks you can use to make some small improvements that will make a huge difference when it comes to making a sale.

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1. Paint it blue

According to a paint color analysis done by a real estate website, you can fetch up to $5,400 more than expected just by painting your bathroom a specific shade of blue. Light shades, like periwinkle or powder blue, raise the value of your home more than darker shades.

You’ll also increase the resale value of your house with a coat of darker blue paint in the dining room, light blue in the kitchen, and any shade of blue in the bedroom. But if you don’t like blue, you can try more neutral shades like beige and grey, which have also proven to raise a home sale’s price.

2. Install stylish fixtures

A small investment in some designer faucets and drawer pulls can completely change the look of your bathroom – adding a bit of instant style with very little effort. However, don’t choose something too trendy that might make your bathroom look dated. Home buyers are looking for a house with timeless appeal, so search for something that looks classic and contemporary.

3. Give it a good clean

Most bathrooms have some kind of mold – but nothing will turn off a buyer faster than seeing something growing in the corner of your bathroom counter. Get rid of soap grime and calcium residue from your faucets, bathtub, and shower doors, and make sure your faucets aren’t leaking.

Anything that can be removed and cleaned can be soaked and scrubbed until it looks brand new. Home buyers don’t want to be reminded that someone else used their new bathroom, so make it look as clean as possible to help them forget. Things like exhaust fans, shower curtains, and even rugs and towels should all be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

4. Improve the lighting

If your lighting fixtures are outdated, this is a good opportunity to bring in an attractive new feature for your bathroom. When people are shopping for a new home, they want the bathroom to feel bright and welcoming – so if you have fixtures that are rated for 100-watt bulbs, make sure you have 100-watt bulbs installed.

Take advantage of any natural light, as well. If you have dark curtains or blinds blocking the light, take them down and replace them with something lighter. It’s important to make this small room feel as airy and bright as possible to attract potential buyers.

5. Remove clutter

Your bathroom shouldn’t feel overcrowded, and shouldn’t contain too many personal items. Take prescriptions from your cabinet and store them in another safe place, and eliminate any grooming products from the counters or shelves. These should be kept out of sight so that buyers can picture their own items filling these spaces.

Instead, enhance your bathroom with things like candles, jars, robes, and attractive bath products to make the room feel more like a spa retreat. A discreet air freshener in a comforting smell like vanilla or lavender can also help create a luxurious atmosphere.

6. Tackle repair projects

Chances are there’s something in your bathroom that could use a little fixing – and because of the bathroom’s small footprint, most renovation projects are relatively affordable. Improve the ventilation if needed, or replace the flooring to instantly make your bathroom feel brand new.

If you’ve got the budget for a new shower or tub, consider installing a luxury shower or a Jacuzzi tub to really drive up the resale value of your home. Since this room is one of the most important places to invest in before selling your house, spending a little money here can result in a much greater sale price.

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