How Many Bedrooms are Enough?

Are you thinking of selling your house? If so, you’ll know there’s a lot to consider before you can put it on the market. From making sure the garden is looking tidy to right up to replacing the loose tiles on the roof, the list of jobs can take a while to work through.

converting the loft loft conversion

One thing that’s not something that you can easily fix is the number of bedrooms the property has. When prospective buyers take a tour of your home, the number of rooms can be a major selling point, so this could be something to address if you have the space to extend. But is there an ideal number of bedrooms to have?

Add value

An extra bedroom can add as much as 15% in value to your property. So, if you have a loft space that can be converted, you could see the benefits of paying out for the renovation and building work in the price you sell for. If you are thinking of going up into the roof, or even down into the basement, make sure you have planning permission before getting everything underway.

If this seems like it could be a huge job, it might be possible to divide up a larger bedroom into two rooms. This can be done by adding a stud wall and is a quick and cost-effective way to add another room without having to pay out for expensive renovation work.

Sharing a room


Whether you have a few rooms already or you’re thinking of renovating, you’re more likely to attract families if you have three or four bedrooms. Of course, families might decide to place their children in the same bedroom.

Sharing a bedroom can be beneficial for people in later life. In fact, almost two-thirds of Brits (62%) believe that sharing a bedroom with their sibling helped them to learn about boundaries. With this in mind, parents who shared a room with their siblings when they were younger are likely to look at the number of bedrooms in your property and visualise how their children will share.

They’ll consider storage space for their children, too. Therefore, it’s worth having a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the rooms to show them how the bedroom could look with a bed and furniture in there.

What people want

The charity Shelter states that a home should have enough bedrooms for children over 10 years old of different genders, and there should be no more than two children to a bedroom. If this isn’t possible, a house is seen as overcrowded.

If families are looking around your home, therefore, they’ll be looking for enough bedrooms to separate out their boys and girls. They’ll also make sure there’s enough space if they need to double up.

As the seller, there’s only so much you can do with the number of bedrooms you have. However, if it’s possible to add a room in some way, you’re opening up the possibility of selling to a family with a few children.

Would you consider renovating your attic space to add value? Have you already added a stud wall to create a new room?