How Much Does Ready Mix Concrete Cost in the UK?

And Why is Ready-Mix Concrete The Preferred Choice for Builders

Ready-mix concrete is a popular construction material used for various projects, ranging from small DIY tasks to large-scale construction ventures. Its convenience and consistent quality have made it a preferred choice for many builders and contractors. If you’re planning a construction project in the UK and considering ready-mix concrete, understanding its cost is crucial to budgeting effectively. In this section, we will delve into the factors that influence the price of ready-mix concrete in the UK.

1. Concrete Grade: One of the primary factors affecting the cost of ready-mix concrete is its grade. Concrete comes in different grades, each tailored to specific applications and structural requirements. The higher the grade, the stronger the concrete mix. For instance, a higher-grade concrete suitable for heavy-duty construction will generally cost more than a lower-grade mix used for simpler tasks like paving or landscaping.

2. Volume of Concrete: The amount of ready-mix concrete required for your project will significantly impact the total cost. Suppliers typically charge based on the volume of concrete in cubic meters. Larger projects requiring substantial volumes of concrete will incur higher costs compared to smaller, more manageable tasks.

Ready mix concrete costs around £65 – £85 per m³.

3. Delivery Distance: The distance between the concrete supplier’s batching plant and your construction site plays a role in pricing. The farther the delivery location, the higher the transportation costs, which may be passed on to the customer. For remote sites, it’s essential to consider this factor while planning your budget.

Delivery costs roughly between £80 – £150.

4. Access to the Site: The accessibility of your construction site also affects the cost of ready-mix concrete. If your site is challenging to reach or requires special equipment for pouring the concrete, additional expenses may be involved. Factors such as narrow roads, obstacles, or restricted working hours can influence the final pricing.

5. Time of Delivery: The timing of concrete delivery can impact costs, especially for urgent or out-of-hours deliveries. If you require concrete at short notice or during non-standard working hours, you may incur higher charges.

6. Additional Additives and Mix Enhancements: Depending on the specific requirements of your project, you might need additives or enhancements to the concrete mix, such as accelerators, retarders, or fibre reinforcements. These additional elements can increase the overall cost but are necessary for specific applications.

7. Seasonal Factors: Ready-mix concrete prices in the UK can also be influenced by seasonal factors. Demand for concrete tends to rise during the construction peak seasons, which could result in higher prices. Conversely, during quieter periods, suppliers may offer more competitive rates.

how much is ready mix concrete

So, why is ready-mix concrete preferred by most builders?

Concrete comprises three ingredients: aggregates, water, and cement. However, many benefits come with ready-mix concrete. It involves some preparation – all the components are verified to ensure you have a firm and sound infrastructure. A good concrete mix takes into consideration the water and cement ratio, aggregate size, consistency, density, and workability. In addition, it guarantees higher durability and sustainability. This new technology has changed the outlook of the entire construction industry. Let’s take a closer look at why ready-mix concrete is the preferred choice for builders.

You don’t need lots of equipment

Ready-mix concrete incorporates rock, cement, and aggregate. All you need is a batch mixer to get the work done. Once you have the equipment and materials ready, a truck can help you pour the materials on site.

You save time

Ready-mix concrete saves time. And because you don’t need to follow a specific formula, you avoid the extra steps of pouring the material on site. Plus, you don’t need on-site mixing equipment or extra labour. As the name implies, this concrete is ready for use on the construction site.

Less labour

Although ready-mix concrete may cost you more, you don’t need to hire a skilled professional. In contrast, mixing concrete requires more man-hours to measure the materials and mix them. If you’re not careful, the hours can quickly add up. That said, ready-to-use concrete is a prudent way to manage your project cost.

There’s less wastage

Ready-to-use concrete is perfectly mixed to minimise losses during the process. If you mix the concrete on the site, there’s a possibility of human error, and the entire batch can get lost. The best ready-mix concrete suppliers can deliver high-quality concrete without using recycled materials.


Ready-use concrete is manufactured by order. If the suppliers use the finest product available, there are no issues with quality. Not to mention, this product is free from problematic issues that could potentially ruin your structure. It’s worth mentioning that ready-to-use concrete uses computerised batching technology, so nothing can go wrong. The best supplier of ready mix concrete will combine the raw components that suit your site.

Saves space

If your construction site is in a congested environment, ready-to-use concrete can keep your site clutter free. Think about it – if your construction is in an urban setting, it can be tricky to completer the tasks required. But with ready-made concrete, all you need is a store for your materials.


Whether it’s a new project or you want to renovate your space, you must consider many valuables. With ready-to-use concrete, you can rest assured that everything will go as planned. Also, you get a proper grade of concrete needed for the project. The construction process becomes easier if you place your order from a reputable provider.


If you mix your concrete on-site, you’ll have a lot of issues to deal with. With ready-to-use concrete, you eliminate all the dangers associated with cement mixing. And because the mixture is in bulk, you eliminate the contaminants on your job site. Your workers will reap the benefits of a healthy working environment too.


When planning your construction project and considering the cost of ready-mix concrete in the UK, it’s crucial to factor in the grade of concrete required, the volume needed, the delivery distance, site accessibility, delivery timing, potential additives, and any seasonal price variations. Comparing quotes from different suppliers can also help you secure the best deal while ensuring the quality and reliability of the ready-mix concrete for your specific project needs.