How Office Space Can Improve Productivity

Some companies have started allowing their staff to work remotely from wherever they want at any time of the year. One example of those companies is a company named Toggle; they have staff spanning five countries and nine timezones from Edinburgh to the Mediterranean Sea and much further afield. This has become the mould for new startups wanting to avoid business costs and afford workers a new level of working freedom.

Yet, there is another benefit in allowing staff to work remotely. They get to choose their own working environment that suits their needs and preferences. Healthier working spaces are suggested to improve the productivity of staff. Yet, you don’t need to offer remote working to get the most out of employees if you follow these tips. In fact, there are even offices in faraway places like Edinburgh that are innovative and leading the way in terms of using spaces to get the best people working for a variety of companies. Thus explaining why sites like Jobrapido have a steady supply of applicants desiring jobs in Edinburgh!

Tip #1: Add Plants to Your Office Space

Plants can brighten up a room, but they also work as a way to purify the air. This was proven by a study carried out by NASA decades ago. The clean air study found that including a couple of plants would improve the quality of air and has the potential to improve peoples’ health. This may mean fewer sick days and more tasks ticked off the to-do list quickly.

Tip #2: Let There Be Light

It is true that you don’t want your staff staring out the window all day, daydreaming of what they could be doing with their day if they were not at work. Yet, at the same time, you don’t want them to work in dim light or darkness. Make sure your office space is bright and welcoming. You know – a place people would like to spend around eight hours of their life, five days per week.

Tip #3: Offer Standing Desks

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Sitting at work continually has been prone to cause a string of conditions that are a threat to your overall health and even life. More recent research has connected sitting with higher rates of cancer.

To combat the issue and protect your workers, it is best to offer them the option between sitting and standing desks. Offer them these options while also informing them of the risks involved with sitting for long periods. By eradicating back pains, employees can spend more time concentrating on tasks and less time worrying about their pain or fidgeting.

Tip #4: Use A Variety of Hot desks Options

Another way to avoid standing is by offering each employee multiple desk spaces. Having a string of hot desks that can be used for different tasks will get employees moving around your building. By decorating hot desks with different furniture and décor, you can also make spaces that suit different employees’ preferences.

The psychology and research behind spaces and how they make us act is extensive. By following the tips above, you will be ticking the boxes and making sure you get the most out of your employees, right up until Friday at 5.