How To Add Storage Space To Your House

The square footage of your house does not necessarily have to dictate the number of items you can keep inside it. The minimalist lifestyle is no doubt, a valid and healthy life decision. However, there is also satisfaction in keeping material possessions, most especially if they hold sentimental value towards you.

Additionally, studies say that if an individual grew up poor and had little to nothing when they grow up, there is a hoarder’s mentality that forms where they keep every single thing they could get their hands on.

Storage space, then, becomes a problem. The dilemma of where to put their possessions is one that continually troubles an individual. Studies say that the average household has over 300 000 items.

Only the affluent with their massive houses can afford to hold onto objects. The average Joe, on the other hand, could not sustain such a lifestyle. Their flats and small houses simply wouldn’t be able to accommodate such a vast number of items.

According to the data published by the Census Bureau, the size of houses is continuously becoming smaller. In 2017, the average size was at 2, 631 square feet which were a decrease from 2015’s 2, 6387 square feet.

There is no question that rent is continually increasing in price. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about wages. While prices multiply, the average salary has barely moved a budge over the last ten years, which means that residents are forced to downsize. It is now common to see a young professional living in a cramped flat or a family living in a 1-bedroom apartment.

It is now up to the household owner how they can fit all of their items inside their house while maintaining a comfortable and livable area. A little bit of creativity and innovation is needed if you want to keep all of your items.

Below are some creative ways on how to add storage space to your house. If all else fails and it really won’t fit, you can always rent cheap storage units that would act as a safe place for your items. With a variety of storage sizes available, you are sure to find one that will fit your needs.

Overhead Cabinets

Not everything has to be at eye-level. Overhead cabinets are a great addition to your house’s list of fixtures. You can call a carpenter and have a few overhead cabinets installed. The most common locations for these are in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom.

Overhead cabinets are great for storing fragile items like fancy china. Keeping them at a height will ensure that they are out of reach of children. At the same time, you free up your lower cabinets for your other stuff.


Storage Ottoman

An Ottoman is a type of furniture, usually in couch form that has a space inside for items. The great thing about ottomans is that they are often stylish and can really improve the look of your living room. Small details can be hidden inside, such as magazines and toys.

Storage Chest

A wooden storage chest is definitely one of the better ways to create space inside your house. Here, you can get messy and disorganized. Just stuff random items inside like coat hangers, bedsheets, etc. It can be your own treasure chest of small bits and pieces.

As an added bonus, you can place things on top of your storage chest or use it as a bench for your kids to sit on. You can pair storage chests with these bottom up shades to complete the aesthetics of your room.

Outdoor Storage Bench

When you don’t have any space inside, you can always opt for outdoor storage. A wooden or plastic storage bench with storage underneath is perfect for storing shoes, garden equipment, and cleaning supplies. Think of this as your own little outdoor shed. A storage bench also adds to the curb appeal of your house.


Wall Dresser Under The Stairs

Or in any crevice of your house. If there is some unused space around your place, then you can certainly use this to your advantage. As long as it’s not load-bearing like under the stairs or sink, you can use any empty places and turn it into a dresser. Make sure that you do a damp survey first to ensure that there is no damage on the part of the house that you want to renovate and turn into a storage room.


Get yourselves organized by using bookshelves as your primary storage. Aside from holding Shakespeare’s classic works, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and the Bible, you can also use bookshelves as storage for picture frames, souvenirs, and other personal memorabilia. Bookshelves can be placed in just about any part of the house, even the living room!

storage cupboards

Furniture With Hidden Storage

One solution to the problem of space becoming scarce is furniture with built-in storage space. The market is now filled with beds, couches, and even tables that have a hidden compartment for you to store your items in. This type of furniture is ideal for individuals who live in studio apartments with barely any space for their items.