How to clean inside of oven, grill, or barbeque

It was a blast! Drinks flowed, conversation to die for, and the barbeque was the highlight of the evening. Since you are too tired, you decide to deal with the mess the next day.

The cleaning goes well until you get to the barbeque oven; you are not prepared for the greasy mess that greets you. Keep reading for tips on how to clean oven insides effectively, but before you get to that…

how to clean a dirty oven

Ways to reduce dirty oven cleaning

Food cooked in ovens, grills, or barbeques has a way of splattering all over the place. Fortunately, here are some ways you can reduce that and consequently reduce the number of times you need to clean it:

  • Use aluminium foil or baking paper
  • Instead of using the baking or grill sheet, place the food in an oven dish
  • Finally, clean the oven right after cooking to prevent caking or burning on

As is said, prevention is better than cure, but if your efforts at keeping your oven, barbeque or grill clean fail, then its time to get an effective oven cleaner.

HG oven and grill cleaner

Cleaning an oven, grill, or barbeque with caked-on or baked-on grease can be a real pain, with the grease seemingly an integral part of the oven’s structure as it won’t come off! In such a case, a robust cleaner such as the HG oven, grill & barbeque cleaner can come in handy.

With HG, you should expect to get rid of the toughest of grease jobs quickly, easily and thoroughly. Additionally, it will remove discolouration from a stainless steel hob.

barbeque cleaning

HG oven grill and barbeque cleaner instructions

Like any other cleaner fluid, you need to follow the instructions to get the best out of it, and this includes:

  1. Spraying the insides of the oven and letting it sit for 3-5 minutes. The interesting bit about HG is that it works best in warm temperatures, so you might want to heat the oven or barbeque to lukewarm to achieve that.
  2. After the wait time is up, wipe the HG off with a wet sponge till all the grease is gone.
  3. You’re not done yet. Clean the oven one more time, this time with hot water.
  4. If the oven barbeque or grill is extremely dirty, repeat the steps above until you get a squeaky-clean surface.

HG oven & grill revamp kit

A comprehensive way of tackling any tough oven cleaning task that dares stand between you and a clean oven is the HG oven and grill revamp kit. It comes equipped with:

  • A 600 ml tub of oven and grill soaking gel
  • An oven sponge
  • Resistant brush
  • A pair of protective gloves

With this, you should be able to take care of even the most stubborn baked-on and burned residue because of the specialist cleaning soaking gel.

What’s more, the gel contains a formula that allows you to soak the oven’s insides for a long time without drying out, even on vertical surfaces.

microwave cleaning

HG Combi microwave cleaner

Microwaves have become quite popular, with Statista reporting that 93% of respondents say they own one. Since you are likely to use your microwave for cooking and heating food, the amount of grease can pile on quite quickly.

HG has a solution in the shape of the combi microwave cleaner, a powerful solution for removing food remnants and grease. The good thing about it is its safe even on the materials used to make microwaves.

As a precaution, spray the liquid onto a piece of cloth before using it to clean the microwave.