How to clean your house wisely

Clean and tidy house makes all of us proud, however, it can be very time and energy consuming. Keeping the house clean after hard day at work is not easy at all. There is so many things to do, from rough work like window cleaning, carpet vacuum cleaning, dusting, to cleaning kitchen appliances and stain removing. If you are a house owner cleaning of the house exterior is additional problem, as it takes a lot of time and can also be dangerous.

Having a kid, as well as having a pet, is additional obligation, considering cleaning. Kids spend lots of time playing on the floor, and it has to be clean in order to prevent disease or allergy. Having a pet means more cleaning of hairs and dirt from furniture and floor.

For persons allergic to dust, or other agents in environment, keeping house clean is on high demand, in order to minimise effect of allergens.

Here are some tips on cleaning of your house and some suggestions how to make it easier and more efficient:

Carpet, upholstery and mattress cleaning

Carpets and upholstery are often the first impression of how clean your house is. As these are textile surfaces, they are getting stains most often, and they can collect big amounts of dust. They can also keep unpleasant odours.

Although not visible, keeping matresses clean is very important from health aspect, as we spend almost half of our lives sleeping on them. The same goes for upholstery cleaning.

Different type of stains need to be cleaned by different agents. Here are tips on how to clean some of most common stains:

  • Coffee or tea stains can be cleaned simply with soaking it in dishwashing liquid or by treating it with a commercial stain remover. They can also be cleaned by applying mixture of tablespoon of non-bleaching washing detergent with 2 cups of cold water and blot it with a dry cloth after a short while.
  • Tomato based stains can be removed by applying mixture of cold water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid for half an hour and rubbing and rinsing solution after. Repeat if needed. Those stains can also be removed by using commercial stain remover.
  • Spilled food first has to be scraped off, and then treated with spot stain remover.
  • Spilled wine is best to be treated by baking soda or salt immediately after spilling it, and rinsing with club soda after 10 minutes. Rinsing can also be done with equal parts dishwashing liquid and white vinegar after the salt application.
  • Chocolate stains can be removed with mixture of teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, a half-teaspoon of ammonia and a cup of cool water. It is important not to rub it but to blot it, so it doesn’t get mashed it into the fabric.
  • Nail polish stains can simply be removed with a nail polish remover by applying it directly to the stain from the edges to the middle and let it stay for couple of minutes, and then dry it with a cloth.

General advice for removing stains is to use cold, not warm water. Recommendation of most of carpet manufactures is to professionally clean carpet every 6 or 12 months. Cleaning carpets, upholsteries and mattresses professionally not only removes dirt and stains, but also deep-cleans allergens and dust out of these fabrics.

Window cleaning

Keeping your windows clean is important as they are visible from inside and outside the house. Best way to clean your windows is by water and drying it by rubbing with newspapers. This is old and exhausting method, but it is efficient. You can also use paper towels or microfiber cloths instead of newspapers. For better effect without streaks The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company suggests you should add white vinegar into the water.

However if you live on higher floors, outer side of windows can be difficult and dangerous to clean. In those cases and for your safety we suggest to leave the work to professionals.

Kitchen appliances

If food seethes from oven plate and gets burned on the bottom of the oven, this dirt is very difficult to remove. Luckily, there are plenty of chemicals for removing this type of dirt on the market, which can ease your cleaning. You just have to soak the dirt with the solution and clean it after time prescribed by manufacturer. If you don’t have any of these solutions at home, you can use mixture of vinegar and baking soda in the water which are also very effective.

Cleaning of the fridge is difficult from many points of view: you must remove food from it for a while and then wait for ice to melt, and scrub it from the surfaces of the fridge. Not only time consuming but also tiring job to do. If you want to speed up the process, after removing food, place pots with warm water inside the fridge and it will melt the ice faster.

After all…

…we hope some of these advices will help you keep your house clean, and ease some of rough work you must do. However, if you wish to enjoy more time with your family, there are professional services that will do all the job from you: from cleaning windows and carpets, to washing your bathroom and make it as clean as pharmacy. After professionals are done, your job will be to enjoy time in your lovely, clean home.