How to Enhance the Privacy of Your Home

Having privacy in your home is incredibly important; however, if you live in a built-up area, have front-facing windows or an open back garden, achieving that feeling of seclusion can often be difficult. Whether you want to shield your home from the view of neighbouring residents or those passing by, there are several things you can do to enhance the privacy of your home:

Change Your Windows

While plain glass windows are a common feature in many homes, their transparency can often result in a more exposed view of the inside of your household. Consequently, there are a number of ways you can cloud this view, one of which is by using frosted window film. With one adhesive side, not only is this type of film very easy to apply but, in addition to being frosted, it also comes in a variety of other shapes and patterns that make it more interesting to look at than just your average window pane!

Alternatively, if it is the location of your windows that is causing the problem, you may want to consider repositioning them elsewhere in your home, e.g. substituting a front-facing window for a skylight roof window. Although this may seem like a more drastic option, rearranging the composition of your windows could ultimately provide a long-term solution to the problem of privacy, helping you achieve a less intrusive view into your abode and making it a more comfortable place for you to reside.

Purchase some Blinds

While frosted glass windows are perfect for some, others may be more reluctant to part with their views. If you are somebody who requires a different solution, a particular set of blinds may enable you to keep your clear glass windows while providing extra privacy when you need it. For example, motorised blinds are a fantastic option that allows you to operate your blinds quickly from far away, meaning that if you do feel vulnerable to the eyes of others while in a particular room, privacy can be rapidly achieved at the press of a button. The current market offers a diverse selection of remote-controlled blinds, from electric roller blinds to motorised skylight blinds, meaning whatever the style of your window, you’re sure to find a product that’s the perfect fit.

Rearrange your Rooms

Certain living spaces in your home will undoubtedly be more visible than others; as such, you may want to consider rearranging those that are the most observable. For instance, if your living room is at the front of your house, try reshuffling it a little so that your seating area is at the back of the room rather than near the windows. Similarly, if you have a frequently used bedroom in plain view of the street below, consider moving it to a less conspicuous area of your home, turning that front bedroom into a study or spare room.

Isolate your Back Garden

While privacy inside your home may be an issue, you may also find that achieving seclusion outside in your back garden can also be challenging. One of the simplest ways to privatise your outdoor space is by erecting a fence; if you live in a semi-detached property, not only will a fence serve as a formal separation between your garden and others, but it will also make your garden more secure overall.

Additionally, having a veranda or awning installed on the back of your property will create a secluded area where you are shielded from the view of others. While verandas are usually static structures, awnings tend to be a little more versatile and are available in several retractable variations, meaning you can ramp up the privacy when needed.

Finally, lining the edges of your garden with additional plants or trees can also make it feel more isolated while creating a pretty display of flowers and foliage. Not only will this extra greenery serve as a visual barrier, but it will also help to block out any incoming noise from the surrounding area, whether that’s the neighbours’ children playing excitably or the hum of passing cars from a busy main road.