How To Enhance Your Rental Home On Budget

Many people who rent out their places don’t pay significant attention to the way their property looks and feels. This can create huge problems with finding the renters since no one likes to live in a place that’s considered to be a mess in any way. And even if they sign the contract, you don’t want them to end up being unhappy – you’d ideally want them to feel at home.

But even if your tenants’ happiness isn’t the first thing on your mind, you still want to keep the place in good condition simply because, well, it’s yours, after all – even if you don’t live there. There’s a common misconception that you have to spend the fortune in order to maintain the apartment or a house in good shape. The truth is rather the opposite: you can not only maintain, but actually enhance your rental home, and all of this without breaking the bank.

Fresh Paint Really Does the Trick

It shouldn’t matter if you’ve painted the walls a year or two ago – if new tenants are arriving, you need to freshen up the place by painting the walls again. Even if you feel like they’re clean (and maybe they are), you still want to welcome new leaseholders the right way. They’ll most certainly know if the walls are freshly painted or not, especially since it’s something that suffers first – various marks on the wall are inevitable, so don’t try to mask them.

Painting walls isn’t expensive at all and it can give the place a whole new look and feel, so you should definitely consider this option.

Pro Tip: To speed up the painting process, consider investing in a paint sprayer.


Take Care Of the Floor

The floor is also one of the essential things you should refresh before the new tenants arrive. Depending on the type of floor you have at your rental place, there are different measures and steps you should follow.

For example, if you have a hardwood floor, make sure that it’s in good condition. If there are any damages, you should take care of them. And if you have carpets all around the apartment, they should be sparkling clean.


Clean Everything Thoroughly

Speaking of clean, this is one of the first things the people will notice when they enter the place. Don’t even think about showing the house or the apartment around, unless it’s tip-top clean. Everything should be spotless, dirt-free, disinfected, and unstained, especially on the day they move in.

Having or keeping the place in an immaculate condition can be too time-consuming and rather tricky at times, so don’t be hesitant to opt for professional cleaning services like Simply Spotless Cleaning – don’t leave anything to chance and make sure everything is as clean as a whistle. This is an absolute priority and it can only add more value to the place.


Don’t Disregard the Exterior

Many landlords focus solely on making interior changes and reparations and completely disregard the exterior in the process of making the rental home look more attractive. This is obviously a mistake since it’s one of the first things new tenants will observe.

Even if it’s only a small area, you should explore various ways on how to make this more aesthetically appealing. For instance, you can always buy some plants or flowers and put them in flowerpots right in front of the entrance door. You also want to make sure that the grass (if there is any) is kept in nice condition and trimmed on a regular basis.


Kitchen and Bathrooms

Finding ways on how to improve living, dining, and sleeping room is awesome, but what most people don’t realize is that bathroom(s) and kitchen are the areas that are usually damaged the most.

That’s why you want to ensure that they’re in perfect state. You want to check all electrical and other appliances and make sure that they’re working properly. On top of this, you should consider changing the door knobs or cabinet doors if they’re in poor shape. Kitchen and bathroom are prone to wear and tear, so you also need to check the tiles, and other ceramic elements.



Renovating your rental home really doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. By following these simple tips you will not only keep the place in perfect condition, but you’ll also enhance its state.

All of these things can be done on a budget, so the only thing you’ll spend is a little bit of time. And even this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case since you can always choose to hire professional help that’s going to make sure the place stays in immaculate condition for the new leaseholders.