How to Find a Property Without the Extra Stress

Buying or renting a home is stressful, from planning the move until just after moving day.

Stress can affect your ability to make decisions. With something as important as finding a property, it makes sense to reduce stress as much as possible. Estate Agents Cirencester have a searchable property website with key information such as council tax banding right there with the property.


Analyse how much you can spend before you even start searching. Do consider things like council tax banding and utility costs in this budget along with one-off expenses such as removal fees and storage fees.

Looking at homes above your budget can cause you to rationalise bad decisions when you are at your most vulnerable. Do not go over this amount.

Life comes with a lot of unforeseen expenses. You don’t want all of your money tied up in rent or a mortgage. Living off packets of noodles may sound like an appealing trade-off for the dream home, but you will regret within the first few weeks.

Buying a house in London

Local Area

Familiarise yourself with the local area. If you’re moving to somewhere within a ten-mile radius, this is easier than moving across the country. If you’re moving across the country, subscribe to the local newspapers to help get a feel for the area. You don’t want to move your family to an area with a lot of low-level crime.

If you can visit the local area at various times throughout the day and night.

Are the front gardens tidy?

Is there a lot of litter? Is someone playing loud music?

Is loud music playing every time you visit?

Look at local crime mapping websites. You’ll also want to know what shops are close by.

Property research

Search Online

Before contacting an estate agent, look at properties in the area within your budget, even if they aren’t to your taste or the sort of property you are after.

Find more than one.

Also compare properties at the lower and upper ends of your budget. If there’s no difference between them, you may be able to negotiate the price down.

cats in rental property


If you are renting and have pets, be sure to consider them in your search.

A lot of landlords won’t allow pets.

You don’t want to rehome them. They’re part of the family. If you’re buying this becomes easier, but consider things like if it is on a busy street and windows.


Children’s Opinion

Long gone are the days when children were meant to be seen and not heard. If you don’t have young children, borrow a child from a friend or family member. Take children with you to viewings.

Your teenager doesn’t count and is likely to express their opinion with a one-syllable “meh”.

Young children have yet to learn how to be polite and filter their opinions. If something is wrong with the property, they’ll let you know. The house may not be haunted, but if they say it is, something is wrong with it.