How to gain a quick sale

Whether you are relocating to a new area of the UK or moving to a larger home just minutes down the road, selling a property can be a swift and easy experience or a long-winded process, depending on how you choose to go about it.

soldBy enlisting in the proper help and making sure that everything is in order before you put the property on the market, you will be far better prepared than if you just decide to sell it on a whim.

Hunters Estate Agents has put together a comprehensive list of items you will need to consider when selling your property.


An Energy Performance Certificate is an assessment of the efficiency of the energy output of the property in question. It looks at how efficient the appliances are and what may be done to save money and improve the energy efficiency rating, including advice such as buying a new boiler or investing in energy saving lightbulbs. It is an incredibly useful document.

Estate agent or sell yourself?

There are pros and cons with each option. While you delegate responsibility and don’t have to handle the stress of managing the viewings and the finer details of the sale yourself by using an estate agent, you will be subject to their fees and terms and conditions.

It is incredibly stressful trying to sell the property yourself, but you will save money and will sometimes end up better off if you know how to handle potential buyers. It all depends on your level of experience and how comfortable you are with handling the viewings and the bookings yourself really.

Agreeing a price

This will probably be a combination of your own estimate of what the house is worth and an official surveyor’s professional mortgage valuation when comparing it to similar properties on the current market.

It is up to you on the price you want to set, but it is advised that you take the surveyor’s recommendation or request several different valuations from other surveyors.

You might want to try and set the price you are asking a little above market value for your home, so that potential buyers who offer a value under the listing price will still be paying around market value.

Clean up

Make sure the property you are selling is in good shape! Check for damp spots or mould and make sure any minor issues are rectified before choosing to sell. Clear up your front garden and trim back any weeds. If you are still living in the house, try to make sure it is neat and tidy when you plan viewings, otherwise visitors will have to try and wade through the debris in order to see the potential behind the property. While these things may seem small, they can easily put a potential buyer off!

You need to think about the sort of things you would want to see when viewing a prospective property and apply them to your own home. Would you like it if the garden was a mess and it was hard to get to the front door? The simple rule of ‘do unto others’ can easily be applied here; if you wouldn’t want to see it in a house viewing then make sure it is fixed when you happen to sell your property!