How to get rid of rodents

getting-rid-rodentsWhen pests arrive unwanted in your rental property they won’t leave on their own. On the contrary, rodents will breed quickly and infest your property investment in the blink of an eye. It’s a real curse having to deal with mice and rats, but there are a few easy ways that landlords get rid of these unwanted guests in a rental property and keep them away for good.

The food

The food that tenants keep in your property is the thing that attracts most pests, including rodents and cockroaches. When they smell that there’s something delicious somewhere on the floor or on a table, they invite themselves in right away without asking. This is why you should keep all food sealed, covered and properly stored. This way mice and rats won’t sense anything that may attract them to the property. It is also advisable to clean the premises very thoroughly and regularly, because even tiny food leftovers can attract the hungry invaders.

Rat (and mouse) traps

One of the most popular ways to fight a mouse or rat infestation is to set traps. Some traps on the market can kill the trespasser right away, while others keep the rodent as a hostage until you decide what to do with it.

  • If you want to get rid of the vermin by killing them, you should use snap traps or glue traps because they are designed to kill the intruder instantly.
  • But if you want to trap the rodents and release them into the wild, use single-catch or multi-catch traps. The difference between them is that the first catches only one rodent, while the second traps several pests at a time.

Get a predator

To be sure that the rodents will stay away and the ones who make the mistake of entering your property will be punished, you should get a predator. Cats are great when it comes to hunting rats, mice and any other kind of rodents. There are also tens of dog breeds that are excellent rat catchers.

But the majority of landlords who are letting a property can’t just plant a cat or a dog inside and expect the new tenants to be OK with it. But if you like the idea of an animal rodent catcher, you can make your property a little more pet-friendly and search for tenants who already have the pet in question. This way you’ll perform a good deed for tenants with pets and you’ll find an ally that will hunt the rodents for you.

Ultrasonic sound devices

These modern pieces of technology produce a high-pitched and irritating sound that is supposed to keep the rodents out of a property. But the biggest problem with this device is that the pest eventually get used to it and the deterrent becomes ineffective.


Using poison to get rid of rodents in a rental property can be a dangerous idea because tenants can accidentally ingest it and poison themselves. So you might end up with a bigger problem on your hands. But if you are absolutely sure that everybody is familiar with your plan and knows what the poison looks like – you can go for it.

Professional help

If you don’t want to the deal with rodents on your own or if the infestation is severe, you can always rely on the expertise of professional exterminators. Most pest controllers make a full inspection of the property to determine the level of infestation. Then they decide on the best treatment for the case and implement it. To prevent re-infestation all entry points of the mice or rats should be sealed.

These tips were brought to you by Panther Pest Control. If you need to get rid of rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches or any other pest, they will provide you with expert advice.