3 Tips On How to Increase Property Sales on New Builds

All property developers – whether they are building a couple of new homes or an entire estate – can augment their potential sales by taking some straightforward measures.

Whether you are building anew on a brownfield site or carrying out a conversion of an existing property, the chief way to maximise your income potential is to get as many would-be buyers as possible interested in purchasing.

So long as interest remains high in the market, so the potential for a bidding process will be there. In this regard, how you choose to market your property or properties will be of major importance. What should you bear in mind when marketing a new build to realise its maximum potential?

1. Make Use of Sales & Marketing Suites

Although Marketing Suites are reasonably standard for the very large house builders in the UK, smaller developers sometimes do not put sufficient investment into on-site showrooms or sales suites. This can be a big mistake if you want to maximise profit margins, however, since they are the places where many key buying decisions are made.

If you have a marketing suite that is purpose-built for the type of buyer that is likely to want to move into your new builds, then they can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you have a show home to go alongside.

Remember that sales suites need to be obvious hubs for anyone who is looking around the development for the first time. Therefore, judicious use of branded wayfinding and other promotional signage will be of benefit to any marketing teams working from a sales suite base at your development.

2. Let People Know New Builds Are Coming Onto the Market

new builds

There are many ways to capture the attention of people in the locality of your development. Typically, large developers will place flags near to any estates they are constructing to signify their presence.

For medium-sized and smaller new build developers, building wraps are a very cost-effective alternative. You can wrap entire properties with eye-catching material that will be noticed from a range of vantage points, such as nearby buildings as well as road and railway lines.

Wrapped homes look like they are gift-wrapped and create the same sense of anticipation and excitement among many buyers as birthday presents. What’s more, they signify a new build development in a very obvious way.

3. Make the Most of New Build Qualities

When you are selling any type of property, its unique qualities are what will help to maximise its value. Even when new builds have been constructed in the middle of pre-existing estates, they have a certain caché that can help to raise the value of house prices in the whole area, not just of the home concerned.

Therefore, you should always use signage design to make a song and dance about the fact that the home or homes you are selling have been recently developed and never lived in before.

Some buyers like the fact that they will be the first owner when everything is sparkling fresh – just like owning a brand new car – and will pay for the privilege. Everything in your marketing literature should reinforce the newly built qualities of the homes concerned.

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