How to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Managing and saving space is one of the biggest challenges that homeowners face.

Having lots of items inside your house may sound like a good idea, but not everyone can afford a big spacious house. Having enough space in your home is one of the best ways to make it feel relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.

No one wants a home cluttered with items. It can give you a chaotic and overwhelming atmosphere that’s not great for mental health.

If you have many items but very limited storage space, you’re probably faced with the dilemma of having to throw away valuable items to save space inside your home.

Well, hold that thought first as there are actually a lot of ways you can increase storage space without throwing away your belongings.

Sometimes, you just have to be more resourceful and creative! Here, we provided you with some clever ideas on how to increase storage space, especially for those who live in Surrey, UK.

Clean and Declutter Your Home


The first thing you should do when you want to save space is to clean and declutter your home. Cleaning your house will allow you to organize your items and know which ones are no longer needed to be displayed.

Decluttering does not necessarily mean throwing away your belongings. It may also mean sorting your items and deciding which one should go to the storage. If you have items such as clothes that you absolutely do not need, consider donating them to charity.

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Maximize Storage By Using Cabinetry

If you have the means, consider devising custom cabinetry where you can store your items. Adding cabinets and drawers wherever you can is a good trick to increase storage space without sacrificing aesthetic.

You can install cabinets and pull out drawers in your kitchen where you can store your kitchen items and appliances.

You can even add top and bottom storages in your bathroom where you can store your toiletries.

Consider also adding a mirrored cabinet inside your bedroom to add an element of space.

Living in Surrey? Rent a Self-Storage Facility in Horsham

If you badly need space and don’t want to discard your valuable items, consider renting a self-storage unit in Horsham.

Self-storage facilities allow you to store your items in a safe and secure place. Self-storage solutions make decluttering a lot easier since you don’t need to throw away your belongings anymore.

There are many self-storage solutions available in Horsham, so you don’t need to worry about travelling far just to store your items. Renting storage in Horsham will definitely be convenient as the unit can be within your reach.

Buy Furniture With Built-in Storage

Another trick in hiding your items is to use furniture that can also provide extra storage.

An example is using tables with drawers or shelves or chairs that can also function as a storage unit. You can also buy a sofa that has built-in storage under the seat where you can store items such as books and magazines.

 Use Multipurpose Furniture

Aside from storage, some furniture can also serve a dual purpose.

This can be useful in saving space as it allows you to buy one furniture with multiple purposes instead of two separate furniture. For instance, you can buy a multipurpose desk that can be both a bookshelf and a study desk, or a sofa that can be converted to a bed. You may also opt to mount multipurpose furniture on the wall so you can just pull them out whenever you need them.

Use The Walls


The golden rule in any storage activities is to always go vertical. This means either stacking your items or using the walls in storing your items.

Install floating shelves where you can put your items such as your books, magazines, electronics, etc.

You may also use tall racks, but make sure they are secure and stable to avoid accidents.

Hang Your Items

Aside from installing floating shelves to make use of your walls, you can also install hooks where you can hang your items. There are different types of hooks depending on the purpose and the type of the wall.

For instance, you can use over-the-door hooks where you can hang multiple items such as your towel, hat, broom, jacket, etc. You can also use hooks in the kitchen where you can hang your pan and pots or use adhesive hooks in the bathroom where you can hang your clothes. Consider also the type of hook you need to the kind of aesthetic you are going with. Here is an article on how you can further beautify your kitchen.

Make Use of Any Dead Space Inside Your House

A wise homeowner will find any dead space inside the house and utilize it for home storage. If you can find odd spaces such as a space under the bank of windows, you can make use of it by adding shelves or cubbies where you can hide your items.

Consider building a storage area if you have available space under your stairs. You can also be creative by installing shelves up by the edge of the ceiling and the wall so you can store your items while keeping them out of sight.

Loft Your Bed

planning loft conversion

A clever idea for saving space that is now increasing in popularity is investing in a loft conversion. This is especially useful if you are living in a limited space such as a studio apartment. Aside from saving space, it also allows you to separate your private space from the rest of the apartment.

The structure of houses and home space may vary from one household to another. Thus, there can be a lot more things you can do in order to increase storage space in your home. Just be creative and resourceful and you can definitely give your home the vibe and cosiness you want to achieve.