How to keep your home warm this autumn

Is your household prepared for the cooler temperatures the autumn nights will deliver? As central heating systems come out of their summer hibernation, a boiler breakdown is something we quite simply can live without.


Not only does it bring about panic during the colder months, it’s also likely to cost an absolute fortune to replace. You can guard against this threat by giving your existing boiler some extra care and attention.

Looking after your boiler works wonders for its lifespan and its overall efficiency, so it’s highly recommended that you follow this advice about how to properly maintain your boiler system.

Turn your boiler off during the summer

We’re coming to the end of summer, so here’s hoping you did the right thing and turned off your boiler while the outdoor temperature was rising. There’s no need for your boiler to be on when it’s hot outside as you’ll get plenty of warmth thanks to your home insulation.

Combi-boilers are easy to adjust during the summer as all you need to do is switch it to the hot water setting only. However, it does help to switch your boiler ON for about 15 minutes once a month to make sure it is ticking over nicely and that it is consistently operational.

Make sure the pressure doesn’t fall too low

The correct pressure for a boiler is between the 1 and 1.5 bar and you can check this with ease. Simply take a look at the pressure gauge on the front of the boiler and you’ll find out exactly what you need to know.

If you discover that the pressure of your boiler is too low, you will need to check the water pressure and adjust it. Contact the experts to find out more about checking water pressure and making adjustments to your boiler.

Use pipe lagging

Pipe lagging is a hugely beneficial way of preventing damage to your boiler system during the winter and it could save you plenty of money if your boiler was to become damaged as a result of the cold weather.

The best time to install pipe lagging is just before the winter and you can acquire ready-made pipe lagging from most DIY shops. Lagging tends to cost around £1 per metre of material.

Get a regular boiler service

Boilers need to be treated right and this involves a consistently scheduled service every now and then. If you carry out a regular service you can be sure that your boiler will work more efficiently and save you money in the long term.

It is absolutely essential that you make sure the engineer who carries out the service is Gas Safe-registered as they will carry out performance tests and repair work for anything that requires fixing.

Carry out a power flush

Over time sludge may start to build up in your boiler’s system and this can create efficiency problems. Power flush is a useful process that is equivalent to deep cleaning your boiler.

Professionals use power flushing to clear any dirt or debris that has got caught in the pipes or radiators. This ensures you always get the maximum amount of heat you need from you radiators. In addition, you can expect the lifespan of your boiler to increase with the help of power flushing.

Article provided by Mike James, working together with Sussex-based boiler specialists BSW-BS; experts in the supply, installation and maintenance of boiler systems since 1962.