How To Liven Up Your Exterior While On A Budget?

Whether you’re trying to sell your house or you’re just craving a change, boosting your home’s exterior is a great way to give your house some TLC. It doesn’t require a tremendous amount of money. There are plenty of things you can do on a budget and still make your home look nurtured and welcoming. The exterior of your house can have a great impact on the overall feeling of satisfaction for every member of the household. Here are some interesting ways that can help you boost your home exterior even if you’re on a tight budget.


1. Clean up the yard

Before you start redecorating, you’ll have to clean up your yard first. Decluttering is the first and probably the most important step when it comes to making your yard more visually appealing. First of all, get rid of the junk. All of it. Get rid of old garden furniture, a broken lawnmower, and all other unsightly things.

TIP: Check out this article for some great replacement options for your lawnmower.

You don’t want anything that doesn’t contribute to the house curb appeal or that’s not practical. Remove the fallen branches and rotten leaves that have accumulated over time. Get a pair of heavy work gloves and clean up debris in your yard. When you finish cleaning up, you’ll be amazed at how bigger your yard will look. Aside from looking neater, it will look more inviting as well.

Garden flowers

2. Invest in greenery

Nothing can transform your backyard into oasis-like good landscaping. Depending on your budget and size of your backyard, there are several options you can choose from. The general rule of thumb is to plant trees in the back of your yard, subs, and perennials in the middle and flowerbeds along the pathways.

Greenery will not only provide you with much-needed privacy, but it will also give depth to your landscaping. Choose the plants according to the amount of sunlight that your yard receives. If you prefer low-maintenance plants, choose perennials instead of annuals which require more work. If your yard is rather small, go for one or two layers and include some pollinator-friendly plants if you want to attract birds to your green paradise.


3. Upgrade your pathways

The exterior of your house is the first impression people will get when they see it for the first time. The paths that lead to your front door play a very important part in the overall appeal of your house. Therefore, you should make them look good and last long. Natural materials are the best option for this kind of project. Upgrading your pathways isn’t as challenging as it seems. There are several certified brick and stone suppliers that specialize in the production of unique bricks which will make your pathways outstanding. Aside from adding charm to your front or backyard, pathways made from this kind of bricks will last for decades. Plant some flowerbeds along the paths to make them lovely and welcoming. It’s an easy way to transform your backyard.

windows and door

4. All eyes on the front door

When you’re trying to live up the exterior of your house on a tight budget, you need to choose easy and cost-effective projects. One of the simple ways to boost the curb appeal of the entire house is to make your front door stand out. A new coat of paint may do the trick, but before that, you need to check and see if they need some repairs. A locksmith will help you solve any door problem you have. Now it’s time to polish them up. Wash them and repaint them if you can. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colors than the rest of the house. Put a new doormat as a finishing touch and you’ll be amazed how small changes like these can go a long way.


5. Illuminate your home

For many people, one of the reasons for buying a house instead of an apartment is the idea of enjoying time in the backyard with their friends and loved ones. To be able to do that, you need some source of light. Illuminating your backyard or your house isn’t only practical, but visually appealing, too. It will make moving around safer and easier and it will shed a romantic light on an entire evening. There’s a wide range of options to explore. From hanging lights and candles to solar decorations and glowing patio furniture, the list goes on. Depending on your budget and overall style you want to achieve, you’ll choose what’s best for you and your home.



Whether you’ve decided to boost your house’s value, or you’ve simply decided to make some home exterior upgrades, it doesn’t have to be a challenging adventure. Following these easy yet useful tips will help you along the way and turn your home into a beautiful and lush sanctuary.