How to make your bedroom better for sleeping

Poor quality of sleep can cause many physical problems. It can lead to pesky dark circles around your eyes, sluggishness, weak immune system, weight gain and poor health in general. Many of us wait for the weekend to get enough sleep, but if you adjust a few things in your bedroom you can have quality sleep each night.

Soothing colours

No bright colours should be present in your bedroom in greater amounts. Stick to the pastel and cool colours, such as blue, green or purple. Various shades of these colours will create a relaxing atmosphere that will put no pressure on your brain right before the sleep. Also, if you’re considering repainting your room into some of these shades, make sure to use low-VOC paint and there will be no fresh paint scents that will keep you awake.


Ceiling fan

By installing a ceiling fan in your bedroom you are solving two problems. Firstly, you are introducing a lullaby of white noise that will put you to sleep quickly. Secondly, you will have means of cooling your body for better sleep, while not worrying about your electric bills that are way too high when the AC is running. However, if you suffer from any airborne allergies, just make sure to get a ceiling fan that is coated with nanoparticles which will prevent any dust buildup.

Noise reduction

Quality sleep requires a minimal amount of noise around you. First off, you should ban any electronic devices in your bedroom, including your phone, TV or laptop.

Secondly, you should properly insulate your bedroom in order to keep the indoors and outdoors noise out.

Cellulose and fibreglass insulation will help you reduce the noise; plus, they will keep the room temperature at the optimum levels no matter the weather. Lastly, you can reduce plenty of noise by using materials that help control the sounds, including acoustic ceilings, padded carpeting and sound-blocking curtains.

ambiance light

Bed & mattress

Your bed is the main aspect of the bedroom and it should provide you with enough comfort. So, make sure to choose the right height of the bed, mattress, pillows and the bedding.

The height of the bed is absolutely up to you, depending on how high you actually like it. When it comes to mattresses you can always opt for the foam ones that will absorb all the movements and you won’t be bothered by your partner’s tossing and turning.

And if you’ll be the only person sleeping there, then you should opt for a specially designed super single mattress that will provide you with enough space for stretching and turning, while its quality and comfort will provide you with the best quality of sleep you need. Pillows too should be comfortable and they should support your neck properly so you wouldn’t get sore.

You can get some lovely pillow shams nowadays which keep your pillows fresh and spruce up the look and feel of the bedroom.

As far as bedding is concerned, it is best to stick to the natural materials, such as cotton and silk, so your body temperature would remain optimal.

Adequate lights

Dimmed lights will provide you with a comforting atmosphere that will easily lull you to sleep. In order to achieve this, you should install a remote control dimmer switch.

If you like reading before bed, you can easily use the dimmers to set up the right atmosphere and turn the lights off later on.

Additionally, you can rely on a reading lamp on a nightstand which allows you to go to sleep without having to get up to turn off the lights. Also, you should consider installing blackout shades that won’t let street lights inside the room which can disturb your sleep.


Comfy rugs

Whether you decide on a silky soft bamboo rug, something natural or handmade, or a durable yarn rug, finding the perfect floor coverings fit will turn your bedroom into something remarkable comfortable, stylish and homey.

A good rug has the potential to transform the look and feel of any room, and your bedroom is no exception. If you are uncertain about the current trends, styles, patterns and materials, you can always check out the designer rug selection by DecoRug for inspiration.

New alarm clock

Waking up shocked because your alarm clock is too loud and sudden will only make you feel more tired, no matter how many hours you’ve slept. That is why you need to switch your old shocking alarm clock with a new, more subtle one.

Search for one that will make a smooth gradual transition from your sleep to being awake and remove the stressful morning mania because of sudden buzzing and ringing sounds.

Quality sleep can improve your health and each and every day in unimaginable amounts.

If you have just moved in a new home, use this opportunity to organize your bedroom in such a way that you feel relaxed and comfortable in it and that there is nothing that will disturb your sleep.