How to make the kitchen the hub of the home

When you think of an area of the home where people tend to congregate, you are probably thinking of the kitchen. It’s the one space where people tend to gravitate towards, probably because it’s full of food and drink!

The last time you held a get together, were people mingling in the kitchen? If not, don’t fear, Service Force have some great tips to make the kitchen the social hub of your home.


The best thing about baking is it gets that lovely waft circulating around your home. This is a sure fire way to get curious family members to start sniffing around the kitchen more.

Baking is very trendy at the moment, with shows such as The Great British Bake Off on the TV. They have encouraged thousands of people to try their hand at pies, cakes, freshly baked bread and pastries, all hobby you can do with your children!

Make it personal

Giving the kitchen some personal flair will help family members feel more connected, making it a room they can simply not survive without. Use your own decorating choices and make your personality shine with colours that reflect your style. Do some research on pinterest and various home improvement blogs for further inspiration.

Fix it up

If the kitchen is lacking warmth and personality,  it’s not going to feel very inviting, meaning nobody will want to spend time there. If you want a social hub in your home, ensure your kitchen isn’t in tatters. Fixing your appliances, such as your washing machine, oven and fridge, whilst giving your walls a new lick of paint will make everything tip top. It’s a lot cheaper and easier than you may think. If you don’t have the time for all this, appliance repair companies like Service Force will do it for you.

Eating and Dining

Creating a comfortable kitchen is a key component of an inviting kitchen, somewhere everyone will want to eat and spend time. No matter what size kitchen you have, there will be a dining solution for you. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to make it happen. For the smallest kitchens, insert a fold down table and mini breakfast bar. For large kitchens, create space for a dining table so everyone can eat together at mealtimes.

Host a party

Inviting your friends over to visit your new look kitchen will allow it to play a key role in ensuring the success of your night.

While guests tend to naturally head for the living room, you can make sure the kitchen is just as inviting.

Leave out some welcome nibbles and drinks in the kitchen. This will encourage them to do more than just pop their heads through the door. If they have brought their own bottles of wine, show them to the kitchen as part of the house tour

With all the refreshments stored in the kitchen, you will find them popping in more for regular refills and in the process, striking up conversations with other guests. This type of situation is ideal if you have an open plan kitchen and living room. People will easily be able to converse with one another.