How to Make Your Home Trend-Proof

One of the worst things when it comes to your home decorating is to realise, suddenly, that it has become dated. While you inevitably want your decorations to be on-trend, it is important to remember that trends quickly fade. So, it is better to strike the balance between something which is a reflection of your personality versus the management of trends. This way, you can forge your home into something which is trend-proof. 

With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can work in order to make your home as trend-proof as possible.


DON’T Fall Victim to Wacky Trends

No matter how much you want it, decorating your living room with a massive squid on the wall probably isn’t a good idea. Even if that kind of thing is on-trend. The trick is to ensure that you only incorporate a trend into your home to a certain degree. The less full-on you go with any one trend, the less you will have to change once the trend inevitably falls to the wayside.

You also don’t want to have the same trend in your home as everyone else. And, the fact is, that anyone can read up on the latest trends and you will suddenly find them in multiple homes you visit. 

So, the trick is to only go for trends which aren’t too out there. 


Understand the Transformational Power of Accessories 

A funky trend can be all well and good, but it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily go all out in order to benefit. This is the offset of point one, where you don’t fall completely for the trend, but indulge in it in smaller ways. This is where the power of accessories becomes your best friend.

Side tables, cushions, lamps and other smaller–but key–aspects of the room can be used to demonstrate the most powerful concepts of the trend. A simple example of this is if the trend is hot pink, your accessories can be shining examples of this but the rest of the room doesn’t have to be fully hot pink in order for you to enjoy (or not enjoy the trend).


Pick Simple Bases 

The real trick to ensuring a level of safety against trends in your home is to make the base as neutral as possible. And no, this doesn’t mean just having a house full of white rooms which can chameleon whatever trend you want to throw at them. This can also mean picking the furniture which isn’t necessarily going to be distracting if you do cave into some aspects of a trend. 

Go for a solid oak dining table, get a sofa which doesn’t look as if it’s part of a trend and have pieces which won’t look out of place no matter the trend that season. This usually means going for something which is traditional in terms of design; as traditionalist design often mixes well with many trends.


Invest in Quality 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your home exudes timelessness is to ensure that your furniture is high-quality. Designer furniture can be a good way to ensure this, as often you will be able to secure better quality furniture and the materials used. The best thing about keeping quality high above everything else is that it makes the longevity of the furniture much more certain. Once the trend is over, you want to make sure you have furniture which will still be usable and not just something else to waste. 


Ultimately, the issue with keeping your home trend-proof is that in some ways you will still want to indulge in trends. To do so, you will have to have a strong basis in the rest of your room for the trend to enhance rather than take over from.