The Illusion of Space: How to maximise the potential of your rental property

In the property rental market, space sells. The problem is, not everyone has tons of space to work with. We want to help you maximise your property’s potential with a few simple tips on how to best optimise the space that you do have.

Back to Basics

The oldest trick in the book, strip down those walls! Busy patterns can look cluttered, while darker colours make a space appear smaller. Choose neutral colours to reflect any natural light and create uninterrupted space. If you’re keen on art and want to add a bit of personality, try adding one piece as a focal point and keep it simple. The more wall space, the better!

Furniture Fiend


Keeping with the theme of simplicity, opt for lighter looking furniture. For example, rather than a chest-style table in the centre of a room, choose one with high legs and a slim, flat top. This keeps the room open without banishing objects completely – after all, you need somewhere to put your tea!

Clutter – Bug

We’re all guilty of it. It’s easy to end up with stacks of magazines on your coffee table and products all over the bathroom. Is that really necessary? Keep surfaces clear. Invest in a magazine rack and pop a cabinet above the sink. You’ll be surprised by the difference this makes.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors, a magicians best friends in the world of illusions, they’ll be your property’s best friend too. Choose an ornate frame to double as decoration and a space enhancer. Placement is important. If you have a view then try opposite the window to create an illusion of windows on both sides.

You can also use mirrors to give a double illusion when you don’t have windows, as seen


here in this beautiful vintage frame.

Tailored Transparency

Glass doors do not belong in every area of the house. Don’t bother putting them on the front of cupboards – keep clutter hidden on the inside. Glass doors do, however, work well in bathrooms. Shower curtains have the same effect as clumpy furniture. They break up space into blocks. Installing glass around the bath or a shower cubicle makes bathrooms look bigger and brighter.

Whether your rental property needs a general tidy up or you just don’t think you have much space to work with, now you can give your place the boost it needs.

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