How to Modernise Your Period Home

If you’ve got a period home that has the décor to match, you might want to bring it into the 21st Century. However, it’s tricky modernising a home without losing all of its unique character.

Here are a few ways to make your house feel like home, with touches that bring it into the modern day, without losing its old school charm.

Invest in Classics

There’s no sense in losing all the charm and character of your period property by filling it with modern furniture and home accessories. Instead, try to choose pieces with a classic style, so they’ll look in place and will never go out of fashion.

Newly-made versions of traditional designs are probably going to be cheaper than buying reconditioned pieces and they’re much easier to source, too. Whether it’s radiators, light fittings or cabinets that you’re looking for, you can find a modern piece that emulates classic period property style.

Upgrade Your Sash Windows

Many Victorian homes were typically fitted with sash windows so if you have original ones, think about repairing and waterproofing them. You could even upgrade them to be double glazed in their existing frames. Or, you can find companies that manufacture windows that resemble traditional sash windows – these will retain head and provide you with an energy-saving option that doesn’t lose its personality.

If you have high or difficult to reach windows, you could consider automated blinds or electric window openers from Rocburn Limited – they won’t ruin the aesthetic and they’ll make your life much easier.

Preserve Your Original Floorboards

Rip up your old carpets and restore your stunning original floorboards. Even if they’re not in the best state underneath, they can easily be repaired and patched up so that you have a beautiful Victorian original feature in your home.

Not only do wooden floorboards look great, it’s also a home interior choice that’ll never go out of style. You can always make it feel cosier with rugs and stair runners if you’re concerned that your home will feel colder without carpet. Plus, it’s the perfect way to add a your own touch of colour and personality to your period property.

Embrace Exposed Brickwork

Brick design wallpaper is popular now as people want to recreate a rustic and industrial look in their homes. So, if you can have the real thing then you should definitely embrace it!

Again, it’s a classic design feature that looks doesn’t look out of place in a period property yet is still always a sought-after feature in properties. You can expose a chimney breast or strip an entire wall back to its natural state – it’ll take a bit of time and hard work, but it’ll be worth it. Plus, the older the house, the more beautiful the bricks will be underneath!

If you’ve got a period property, here are some features that will help you modernise your home but keep the charming and rustic aesthetic. There are so many homeowners who want to emulate the features in your period property (like the original floorboards and exposed brickwork), so you should try and retain their charm. With so many modern products styled on traditional décor, you can have the best of both worlds.