How to sell your house in winter

Learning how to sell your house in winter can make a big difference to the amount of time your property spends on the market. Although winter can be a tricky time to sell your home, it’s definitely not impossible. The housing market is quieter in winter, so there’s more demand than supply. You’re also less likely to encounter time wasters as only the most serious buyers are likely to search for property during the darker months. Preparing the house for viewings is important at any time of year, but during winter you need to make it a bit more seasonal and cosy to encourage buyers to linger and fall in love.

Keep lighting gentle but bright

Gloomy weather and dark evenings can make it difficult for buyers to see fine details in natural light, while flicking on the ceiling lamps can make rooms look a bit stark and uninviting. Table lamps, uplights and candles all create a soft and gentle light that makes each room look cosy and welcoming. Put lights in carefully chosen places to complement your home’s best features. Choosing scented candles can also add to the homey feel. During winter it’s good to choose warming scents like vanilla, cinnamon, amber and cedar.

Think about soft and warm textures

You want your buyers to imagine themselves spending cold winter days in your house, so make it look as cosy and comfy as possible. Put lots of blankets and cushions on your sofa, and add a furry throw to the bottom of your bed. Have the heating on but keep it at a comfortable level – you don’t want your buyers shivering or sweating through the viewing. If you’re lucky enough to have a log fire, then light it. It’s a big selling point of your home.

Add some colour

Bright colours can really cheer a place up on dark and gloomy days. As well as adding accessories in warm tones like burnt orange or mustard yellow, you could also add some plants. Potted evergreens by the front door look lovely and festive (and look especially beautiful after a snowfall) while potted indoor plants like poinsettias add a splash of lively red.

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