How to Stage a House Before a Viewing

If you’ve just put your house on the market, then you’ll be hoping for a quick sale at a great price. Getting the latter may be harder over the coming years with some experts estimating house prices to fall by up to 35% by 2025. This means that doing everything you can to get your home in tip-top condition before a viewing is imperative as it may help you get more money for your property.

Luxury living room

Most home buyers will have an idea about a house from the pictures they see of it online, but it’s the actual viewing that will seal the deal and so, we want to show you all the ways you can make your house look its best when potential buyers come around.

Continue reading below to see how you should stage your house before a viewing to increase your chances of a successful sale.


Although your home will be filled with your belongings, you’ll want it to look as empty as possible, so that prospective buyers can envision what it will look like with their stuff in it too. Get rid of any objects or furniture that you don’t need and put away anything on kitchen sides or coffee tables if they don’t need to be out.


No one wants to buy a dirty home as it can be an indication that it has not been properly looked after over the years, which could’ve led to more damage beneath the surface. Take time to clean your home properly and that includes jobs that are often forgotten about like dusting or cleaning your appliances in the kitchen. This will make the home much more appealing to a potential buyer.

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Paint your walls

A good paint job can add as much as 25% to the value of a home as it ties together colour schemes and brings certain features of the home to life. We think you should opt for neutral colours if you do this as these hues are less likely to clash with a potential buyer’s tastes. Depending on your budget, you can do this job yourself or you can hire a professional if you’re looking for a slightly better finish.

Highlight the key features around the home

If your home has any defining features like a cosy living room, then you’ll want to make sure the potential buyers see that too. You can add a couple of new bright cushions to help spaces like the living room or bedrooms stand out more and really give the person viewing the home the right feeling they should have when they enter a room.

Don’t forget about the outside

The first thing a potential buyer will see is the outside, so you’ll need to make sure that looks great too. Some of the main things you should be doing to achieve this include tidying up your garden and cleaning your windows.