How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

You’ve made the decision – it’s time to sell. Buying and selling a home can be a lengthy and often very stressful process, especially when you’re doing both at the same time. There are several things you can do to prepare your home for resale, including a fresh coat of paint and making sure you fix that squeaky door hinge and broken window latch.

But beyond making sure everything is in working order, it can be very beneficial to stage your home for viewings. Staging your home means making simple changes that will make your house appealing to viewers and help you sell quickly. Everyone has their own personal taste and style, but you need to make sure that potential buyers can see themselves living in your property, otherwise they won’t be ready to make an offer. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Curb Appeal

The first thing anybody will notice about your home is the exterior. It’s the first thing they see when they arrive and the last before they leave. A few simple fixes like weeding the front path and flower beds, cutting the grass, raking gravel, and clearing the porch of wellies will go a long way to ensuring your home makes a great first impression.

For a small price, you could also give the front and garage doors a fresh coat of paint, or even hire a pressure washer to remove any moss on the drive or roof tiles. Planting seasonal flowers will add an extra pop of colour to the front garden, making your home seem cheerful and welcoming to potential buyers so that they’re keen to see more.

Clean and Welcoming

It should go without saying that your home must be sparkling clean when viewers arrive, so make sure you’ve put the trusty old marigolds to good use with a thorough deep-clean; that means tackling the less obvious areas, too, like dusty skirting boards and ceiling cobwebs. You should also take some time to tidy up your outdoor spaces, such as the garden patio, garage, and shed. This attention to detail will make potential buyers excited about every part of the property.

Once your home is sparkling clean, you’ll want to make sure it feels warm and inviting to viewers. In doing so, never underestimate the power of the senses! Fresh cut flowers in vases, gently scented candles, and ambient lighting will set an alluring mood. While you’re at it, go ahead and put out the expensive, fluffy towels and bedding you usually save for guests. The illusion of luxury will go a long way with potential buyers.


One of the most important steps in the process of staging your home for viewers is removing the clutter. Too many knickknacks on display can make a house feel disorganised and cause the viewer to question storage space. Go through your home room by room and clear the spaces of any unnecessary items like stacks of books and magazines, toiletries, and jewellery. Make sure DVDs and newspapers are removed, as well as piles of paperwork and post. Removing personal items such as large family photos, refrigerator magnets, children’s toys and pet bedding is also a good idea – you want to create a space that the viewer can imagine themselves living in.

When removing your personal belongings from the main areas of your home, make sure that you’re not filling up all your storage spaces – potential buyers will want to look in under-stairs cupboards and airing cupboards to gauge how much storage space the property has to offer. If these areas are already overflowing, it might be a red flag for them. Utilising a self storage unit to clear your house of extra belongings and bulky furniture can be a big help and take some weight off your shoulders.

Make the Most of Your Space

Take a look at the how your furniture is arranged in each room. It’s best to make your home feel open and spacious, so if there’s a better way to arrange your furniture to allow for better flow of foot traffic and general airiness, it’s worth the grunt work.

Keep in mind social seating arrangements when moving your furniture, and remember that not every item needs to be set against a wall. The objective is to create inviting spaces that feel both cosy and open. Remember, when you’re showing your home it’s no longer meant to suit your taste, but to appeal to the viewers.

Aindrea White writes on behalf of Easistore, a South East based self storage facility.