How to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

There are many reasons you might want a storage unit for your furniture. Whether you are leaving your house and need furniture storage until you move into the new house, or are going overseas for a few months, you might be wondering how to store furniture in a storage unit.

You might just want to declutter your house. Knowing how furniture storage works is crucial in all of these scenarios. Read ahead to find out how to store furniture properly.


Find the Appropriate Unit for Your Furniture Storage.

Choosing the right unit for furniture storage is important in making sure that your belongings remain safe, secure, and in the right condition. Begin by looking up keywords like a storage unit for personal storage or furniture storage on Google, and then browse through the options.

Compare the prices and the amenities each company is providing. Decide what size and facilities you need with the storage unit for your furniture storage.

Ideally, a weather or climate-controlled unit keeps the furniture safe from moisture and changing temperatures. Wooden furniture and delicate fabrics do best in a climate-controlled environment, but in case you are short on budget, know that it is not a must.

If you pack and store the things well, hopefully, no sinister force of weather will harm your precious pieces of furniture. Another important decision concerns the size of the storage unit.

If you want to store 2-3 chairs and a folding table, a 15 sq. ft. storage unit might do the job. But, if you are looking for personal storage for the furniture of your whole bedroom, then you will require 25 square feet worth of space.

Obviously, the more the furniture, the more the space you will need. You can look this up on the website of the company that you choose for personal storage, or simply call them to ask.

  • Make the Necessary Arrangements for Furniture Transportation.

The next most significant question you will have to ask yourself is, how will I transport the furniture to my chosen furniture storage unit? You will need to book a truck or a car, depending upon the size of your personal storage items, for transportation.

Moreover, if you aren’t used to heavy lifting, chances are that you would also require someone to pick up the packed boxes and put them in the pick-up truck.

Luckily, some furniture storage companies also provide pick-up, and even packing services. This means that all you would have to do is to take out the items that you want to store. The furniture will reach the storage unit and be stored properly in the unit without any hassle on your part.

It might be a great idea to make use of such facilities because even if you arrange a vehicle for transportation, you can make mistakes in transiting that might damage the furniture.

Nonetheless, you still need to take some measures to ensure that your belongings will be stored properly. This includes cleaning and disassembling of the furniture. Because let’s be honest, only you know your furniture the best.

  • Prep your Furniture for its Journey Ahead

Your babies deserve one last bath before you say a temporary goodbye to them. Well technically, not a bath, but you get the point.

Cleaning everything before it goes into your personal storage is very important. Dirty furniture can have offensive an odor, which may attract insects or pesky microorganisms. Trust us, fungi is not a very fun guy for your furniture (pun intended).

You can use a baby wet wipe to clean any marks on wooden or plastic furniture. For things like sofas, cushions, and carpet, make sure you vacuum it. Fabric or upholstery cleaner might help!

Metal furniture or any metal parts of your furniture should be treated with a polishing cloth and metal cleaner. This will save your pieces from future tarnish and remove the existing oxidation that might have occurred on your old furniture.

  • Disassemble the Pieces

Before moving items into furniture storage, take apart everything you can and disassemble the parts of your desks, wardrobes, chairs, and bookshelves.

This will not only make the transportation process a whole lot easier but will also enable you to use the personal storage space far more effectively, by increasing and maximizing the area. Not to forget, that it also reduces the likelihood of any breaking and scratching.

Hold on! Make sure you put all the tiny pieces like screws and bolts, in a zip lock bag, so that you do not lose them later. Label the bags, and attach them to the furniture that they are a part of.

packing boxes

  • Wrap and Protect your Precious Pieces of Furniture

Who doesn’t love bubble wraps, (brings back any bubble wrap popping memories)? Well, turns out, it is also an ally of anything that needs protection, including furniture. So, use it to wrap delicate items like glass tabletops and mirrors.

Please take our word and don’t use plastic sheets to cover cloth furniture because it can trap any lingering moisture and ruin your furniture storage. It might also cause bad odours.

To protect such things from dust, you can use old bedsheets or blankets. The added benefit of covering with a blanket is protection from any dents. Also, don’t put tape directly onto the furniture. Put it onto the bubble wrap or cloth covering instead.

  • Pack and Store the Right Way.

While we agree that there is no one right way, some ways are more efficient and work better than others.

When you pack the furniture in boxes, if any, make sure not to cram too much inside of one box. You can even ditch the boxes if you think the material that you covered your furniture with, offers enough protection.

When it comes to storing, there are also some ways better than in other ways. Things that are thinner in widths like paintings and mirrors should also be stored vertically.

Also, you should store large pieces of furniture like mattresses and sofas vertically by the sides of the unit to make space in the centre for broader items. Don’t forget that you should leave room for walking too and in a way that all things remain accessible from where you stand.

Placing things, that you might need back anytime soon, nearer to the door, is also a good idea. Cramming too much inside the unit will make your furniture storage prone to damage.

But as established earlier, you can opt for a company that provides furniture storage with transport, packing and storing facilities altogether. This will really cut down the hassle for you. The good part is that it is also cheaper than units that provide physical access.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Furniture!

Now that you have read the article, we are pretty sure that you are aware of how to store furniture in a storage unit properly and what precautions to take while packing and storing.

Now it is time for you to say a nice goodbye to your beloved items, and also to the stress that the extra furniture was inducing in you. Won’t you agree that good furniture storage means good mental health?