How To Style A Rented Apartment

Because you know you’re not going to be staying in your apartment forever, and the eventuality of you having to move out, sometimes soon than you would expect, it can be difficult to justify decorating the apartment and spending money on doing it up for your landlord.

Luxury living room

This doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t want to put your own stamp on the place you are staying at. The best way to get into the mindset of sprucing up your rented apartment is to think long-term. Cosmetics can’t be taken with you, so focus on the items that you can repurpose when you move to your next home.  

With property prices continuing to increase dramatically, more people than ever are looking to stay in their rented accommodation for longer, with some staying to even raise their family in their rented property. Short-term leases are becoming less frequent, so you are obviously going to want to do a few things to make it personal to you. You are not going to be changing kitchens or remodelling, but there are many things you can do to style your rented apartment. In this article, we will go through how to style a rented apartment. 

See what your contract allows

The first thing you are going to need to do is to check your contract and see whether it allows you to make adjustments before you go for the hammer or paintbrush. Most contracts will assure you that you need to speak to your landlord. If your landlord doesn’t consent, they must give a valid reason why. So if you have some shelves, this would be reasonable and the landlord’s refusal will be seen as unreasonable. Just remember any holes need to be filled in before you leave. If you speak to your landlord directly, you may find that you are able to do much more for the property. 

Add houseplants

If there is one rule to live by, it’s that you can never have enough plants. Indoor plants can do so much for a rented space and they can brighten up any room. You can easily bring a space to life by adding some houseplants of different sizes and heights, you will be able to add depth to your room. It also helps to boost your overall health and well-being by cleaning the air. There are many great plants out there, but the best are those that do not need a lot of TLC every day such as a Rubber plant, Yuka tree and Peace Lilies.

indoor plants

Opt for modular furniture 

If you don’t own a home yet, think about opting for furniture that is adaptable to any space you need it. One great example of this is modular sofas when renting as you may have to adapt to multiple moves if you are renting for the long term. The great thing about modular sofas is the fact that they can be adjusted to suit and fit any room by adding or removing modules from the furniture. Sofas in a box are designed so that you can fit your sofa through any door or winding staircase. Start off small with one piece, and then add more as your space gets larger. 

Revamp tiles with stickers

Re-tiling your kitchen is obviously not on the cards, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the kitchen out altogether. So what should you do to tiles that look hideous? Well, you cover them up with stickers of course! There are many tile stickers out there that will cover your tiles and give your kitchen a new life. When you move out, you can then easily peel them off good as new. Whilst you are at it, swap out your cabinet and drawer knobs for new pieces that match your new tiles and decor. Obviously, keep your old ones in a safe place so you can put them back on when you leave. 

Stack up storage

If there is one thing you can never have too much of is storage. Often, this can be oversized and chunky. This is why modular storage is a fantastic option for your rented accommodation. Not only does it fit in every room and every crevice, but it is super easy to move when it’s the end of your tenancy. The other great thing with modular storage is you could fit drawers or doors on them to hide your storage, alternatively, they come as open storage which will make your room look larger if you have a smaller room. 


Paint the walls

If you are staying in a dated property, chances are that the paint will be magnolia or some sort of off-white. Landlords often use these colours for their versatility. Instead, repaint the walls with a beautiful white that feels right for you. Brilliant white can often be very harsh, so a warmer tone with a hue of yellow will ensure a warm feeling. Before you commit to a colour, ensure that you try a few colours on the wall first so that you can decide which looks best. 

Hang curtains

If you have bare windows and have a cold property, a great thing to do before the winter is to hang up some curtains. This will do so much to your space including keeping the heat in, stopping draughts and also making your room look taller. You will be surprised how much a pair of curtains can transform a room. If you need this for your bedroom, then blackout curtains are another great option. There are many materials, colours and patterns to choose from, so opt for something that goes with your soft furnishing so that the room looks uniform.  

Pile on throw pillows 

Let’s face it, most rented properties are very bland and boring. This is great though as you have a blank canvas to work off when it comes to soft furnishings which will make a huge difference. You will be able to add as much personality as you want with soft furnishings as you can take them with you. Having them match your curtain colour will ensure that your room looks like it should all be together. Alternatively, you can make your own pillowcases and curtains so that they are the same material. 

Add lighting for ambience

One of the best ways to make your room feel warmer is to add a range of different lighting to your rooms. Many times when renting an apartment, the lighting is super basic and it’s very boring. Often they are spotlights that can’t be personalised, so having table lamps, freestanding lamps and LEDs scattered throughout the home can create a great ambience perfect for the evening snuggled up. If you wanted some extra lighting for your drawers and cupboards, then having battery-powered LEDs in your wardrobes and drawers ensures that you are able to find what you need, even in the dark mornings. 

Having rented accommodation comes with its restrictions, so speaking to your landlord before you do anything is essential to ensure that you still have a deposit at the end of it. By following some of these simple tips, you will be well on your way to having a beautiful rented apartment that has your own personal touch to it.