How to sustainably renovate your home

Renovating a home costs an enormous amount of money, material and energy. Fortunately, there are sustainable options available to help you reduce the impact your home makes on the environment.

You can use eco-friendly systems to renovate your home. Whether it’s materials or energy, there is often a more sustainable option available. The environment should inspire your renovation.

renovation projects

How will you finance the project?

You could use your personal savings to fund the renovation. You will need a substantial amount of money saved to cover the cost, and you won’t need to worry about paying it back to a lender.

However, most people do not have a large chunk of money in their savings account. You may need a secured or unsecured loan to cover some of the costs. There are multiple lending options available, depending on your circumstances. You could use credit cards or online lenders. A secured loan requires a collateral asset that equates to the value of the loan. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender can seize this asset. An unsecured loan tends to be a smaller sum of money but does not require an asset.

Once you have your funding, you can begin looking into sustainable renovation options.


Insulation is a vital part of eco-friendly homes. Insulation keeps heat inside your home and reduces the amount of energy that you use. You need to insulate the loft and cavity walls with sheep’s wool or expanding foam.

Heating system

After you’ve insulated the home, you can install the heating system. A natural approach is the most sustainable option. You could use solar panels, heat pumps and wood-fuelled systems to warm the home.

Natural heating systems tend to have a high initial cost. However, over time they will reduce your energy bills and save a significant amount of money. Sometimes you have to spend money to save money in the future.

Buy reclaimed

Instead of buying brand-new materials, stick to reclaimed items for your furniture, d├ęcor and structure. You could use reclaimed wood for your kitchen countertops or reclaimed tiles for the bathroom. You can save a lot of money on reclaimed pieces from junkyards and outlets. Make bespoke pieces from these reclaimed materials and add character to your eco-friendly home.

indoor plants

Use plants

Plants are a fantastic way to decorate the home. You could hang a hanging plant display above the kitchen table or a cacti wall in the hallway. You could even stick to regular potted house plants. These plants add colour to the space and brighten up the home.

Water reculing

Install low-flow taps and low-volume toilets to conserve water and save money. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, you could start harvesting that water as well.

Make your home eco-friendly with a sustainable renovation.