How to unlock a small property’s potential

Landlords report that the most common problem with properties that are difficult to let out is a shortage of floorspace.

But Removal Services Scotland – a specialist in Glasgow removals with more than 20 years’ experience of helping households relocate to Europe, where space is often at a premium – has come up with some tips and tricks to help you give small real estate big appeal.

Lights and mirrors

Lighting is key in making smaller spaces feel less cramped. A small studio apartment combined with small windows and dim lighting can create a gloomy and claustrophobic environment.

Natural light is best. If your property has sizeable windows, make sure they’re uncovered and clean to allow the maximum amount of light into the room.

Alternatively, switching from dim Tungsten lightbulbs to brighter white LED bulbs can significantly lighten up a dark hallway or living room. LED bulbs are better at mimicking natural daylight and creating a more inviting and uplifting atmosphere.

If your property comes furnished, wall mirrors can be an effective way to create the illusion of more space at minimal cost. Make sure there’s a large mirror in all of the living spaces and bathrooms. Mirrors are especially effective when placed opposite a window because they reflect the light around the room.

Creative furnishing

When space is at a premium, it’s time to get creative with furniture and layout. While Murphy wall beds and spiral staircases may not be the most practical for families, they’re ideal space savers for single young professionals. It’s key to ensure your property is set up to suit the tenants you want to attract.

Multifunctional spaces and multipurpose furnishing is the way to go when space is tight. Sofa beds are ideal for studios and one-bed homes, allowing tenants the flexibility to have guests stay without having to sacrifice room for an additional bed.

If you’re looking for a young professional to occupy your property, you may want to consider an office space. Whether it’s a bunk bed with a desk underneath or a fold-out desk in the living area, there are a number of options to help you maximise space.

Dining tables can also take up a significant amount of room in a small home. Extend the kitchen work top to create a compact dining area with a breakfast bar and stools, providing the perfect dining solution for couples and singles alike.


It’s no surprise that storage space is an important factor for prospective tenants, especially those living in apartments without access to a storage room or garage.

Utilise the wall space to its full potential by installing shelving in cramped areas. Keeping belongings off the floor and above eye level also helps to reduce clutter and reveal more floorspace which would otherwise be taken up by large drawer units or other floor-standing storage.

Invest in improvements

Making small investments to maximise the space available in a small property provides lasting value, boosts demand for the property and keeps tenants paying their rent in full and on time.

Unlike buyers, renters aren’t looking for a renovation project and a property’s potential is of little interest to a tenant looking for an easy move. First impressions count and if your property already feels like a liveable home, you’ve struck gold the second a tenant walks through the door.

Ensure you prepare and clean the property prior to a viewing to ensure that prospective tenants are seeing it in its best light.