How to update your old wallpaper with trendy floral patterns

Living in today’s world comes with an array of benefits. You can order food through an app, catch up with your friends who live a continent away, and even work from home. But this increased reliance on technology comes encumbered with a disconnect from nature. We are increasingly spending time in urban environments where buildings and retail stores are the order of the day.

Studies suggest incorporating nature into our homes to ensure that we connect with nature and steer clear of the nature deficit disorder. Flowers take the lead on this, thanks to their calming effect on people.

They are also known to uplift people’s moods, reduce anxiety, and make spaces feel more welcoming.

Good thing? – they have this effect on all people. So, let’s see how using floral wallpaper can work for our spaces:

Using Trendy Floral Patterns at Home

It’s time to replace your old wallpaper with some of the fascinating options we have in the market right now. Only then can you test how the increased sociability effect from floral patterns augurs with your space. Let’s consider using these patterns by room to help you have this flowery effect on almost all the nooks in your home.

wallpapered bathroom


Bathrooms have always been havens to which we can retreat, read a paper, play candy crush, or have some good old-fashioned facecare time. Their uses keep expanding, and instead of being the cramped spaces they once were, they are now taking on an open plan design that works great with flower wallpaper. Which looks would work for your space?

  • Going blue: blue works for the bathroom. It’s always been a standard for these spaces- only that this time, you’ll replace the current bland blue with some floral patterns.
  • Green and yellow prints: would you like to get lost in a tropical jungle? Why not embark on this journey and embrace the cheer ignited by this bold mix?
  • Blue and yellow floral patterns: You can also go for this classic bathroom blend, incorporating these primary yet lively hues.

wallpaper bedroom


The idea of floral wallpaper may have you thinking that it only serves feminine concepts, but that’s not the case. You can use floral wallpaper to impart masculinity in a room or work with a neutral color scheme. We recommend using floral wallpaper on one wall to create an accent wall. The other walls can be complimentary or bare to ensure there’s no competition for the focal point. But when using a light floral pattern, you can always cover the whole room without overwhelming the space. Of course, you must consider the colour scheme and size of the patterns to ensure you create a balance. Ideas include:

  • Black, white, and pink floral patterns: This concept aims to impart a moody atmosphere in the bedroom, guaranteed to create the perfect resting environment. Go heavy with the black as the canvas and have pink and white flowers in large sizes, somehow emanating from the darkness of it all.
  • Black, white, and light brown floral patterns: You can choose this option instead if you want to execute a garden-like concept. It makes the room feel alive by having the white flowers jump out at the occupants. Choose medium floral pattern sizes for this.
  • Gold and white wallpaper: To create a relaxed and airy atmosphere, go with this concept. The gold forms the canvas while light white flowery patterns adorn the wallpaper. It works for both adult and children’s bedrooms.


Using wallpaper in kitchens should be a blast as you can go any way with the concept. You can take a trip to Hawaii, or you can get lost in the Amazonian jungle. Whichever way you go, you are almost certain you’ll get it right. Once again, you need to be careful with the pattern sizes and colours to ensure they match the overall concept in the room. That’s key in achieving a blended concept that will have guests asking you to decorate their spaces. Ideas include:

  • Dark greens with white and yellow accents: how about lining your wall with wallpaper that uses dark green as its canvas? You can play around with white and yellow accents to create some moodiness in the design. Given how bold this concept is, use it as an accent wall and use the other walls to complement the look.
  • Pink and green: kitchens are becoming more of hangout spaces than they once were. So, you might want to make yours a bit more inviting by incorporating bright hues. For small rooms, this airy concept makes them look bigger. They make it feel more welcoming and create the perfect setting for a beautiful lunch or cosy afternoon snack with your loved ones.
  • Colourful wallpaper: what if you mixed red, orange, green, pink, yellow, and all other bold colours you can think of in one wallpaper? That’s a sure way to create an accent wall that spills positivity into the room. To make it even more striking, couple it with matching accessories in the space.

flower wallpaper -room

Living rooms

If you’re not in your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, where are you most likely to be? The living room! So, it makes sense to carry the floral goodness in other parts of the house and ensure that it carries over to this space. Now, this is one space where you can go big and bold without affecting the room’s use. Let’s consider our options:

  • Colourful wallpaper: Like in the kitchen, we also recommend using colourful wallpaper in this space. Think pink, orange, yellow, light green, white, and other bold and bright colours in one wallpaper! That’s enough to create a focal point in your room, leaving you with less work to do in decorating the space.
  • Black and pink: You might want to create a moody effect on the room using a black canvas with bright pink flowers. Use different shades of pink to create a moodier and more eye-catching finish.

These are not the only spaces you can update with floral patterns. Consider sprucing up your cabinets, staircases, closets, and drawers too. Spread that positive vibe all over your home!