How glass expands small garden spaces

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. But if your garden is a little on the small side, there are ways to make the space appear larger.

bird in the gardenInstead of adding more plants or outdoor features, which can take up valuable space, Balustrade Components work with their customers to create and design glass balustrade systems that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

This combined with the ability of glass to bounce light around a space and make it feel bigger, is the perfect solution for your small garden.

Using glass balustrades

But before working out how best to use balustrade systems, you first need to opt for the system that matches both the space available and your budget.

  • Post and rail system – this is where there is a post every metre or so and on every corner to which glass panels are attached. The handrail is attached too and although they are not chunky designs by any stretch of the imagination, the frameless system offers even less clutter.
  • Frameless – panels of toughened glass are fixed in the balcony or ground and seemingly float out from there. Despite them looking ultra-modern, they offer less clutter to the space and the eye as it looks over the small garden without compromising on safety. Like the handrail and post system, they will need to be of a minimum height and also offer robust defence against someone or something pushing or falling against them.

How to use any system of glass balustrade in a small garden

When working in a small space, you want to add detail to enrich the space but without over-complicating it or making it appear cluttered and fussy.

Here are three suggestions…

#1 Zoning areas

Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean you cannot have zoned or sectioned areas. By doing this with any space, you can create spaces for different uses.

For example, you don’t have to had kids toys and so on taking over all of the garden. You can section the space so that some parts of it stay free from toys and so on, for example, an area to cook and eat, another to relax and so on.

If you did this with wooden fence panels or another opaque material, you would really section the garden off and may be too severe for a smaller garden. Glass balustrade system allows to be able to see into this smaller sections. This means that you still have useable spaces but without dividing it off too severely.

Glass panels also mean that you can keep an eye on what the kids are doing but if you do want more privacy in certain areas, you can always opt for frosted glass panels.

#2 Balcony or edging

If you garden is small but not flat, it is not the most usable of spaces. As a result, many customers opt for decking. This can be built in such a way that it makes a flat platform on which to dine, play and entertain.

But where there is an edge, there is a chance of someone falling and thus, glass balustrades are the perfect answer if you are seeking a barrier or any kind. Again, glass allows light to flow through and you can also still enjoy the view from your decking or balcony. It gives a sense of space to any smaller garden or area without compromising on safety.

#3 Mirrors and lighting

Just as you would use mirrors and clever lighting in an internally small space or room, so too outside.

Mirrors are a great way to add detail to a small garden that are also functional. Mirrors, like glass balustrades, are reflective thus natural and ambient light has a reflective surface off which it can be bounced around.

Adding lights to the outside space at your home is not complicated, especially with the range of solar-powered lights that are easy to install and use.

Small gardens can be just as versatile, functional and beautiful as larger garden can be – and they are perfect for glass balustrades too!

Balustrade Components is a leading online retailer of a larger selection of fixings, components and glass panels for glass balustrades. Knowing how versatile glass balustrade solutions can be for inside and outside the home, they have all the right fixings that every system, including a frameless one, would need.