What Is the Importance of a Conveyor System?

You have probably seen conveyor belts on the TV shows about factory production but never really gave it an extra thought. But actually, the conveyor systems have a much wider use from fast food restaurants to airports. You have probably come in contact with them several times or you maybe do it daily and didn’t know it.

So, in order to learn how valuable this invention is to human life, you need to know what is the importance of a conveyor system first. And therefore, here are some interesting facts about this revolutionary machinery.


A short history of a conveyor system

Conveyor belts are a relatively new invention which originated from the mining systems for coal and ore transportations in the 19th century. Their purpose is quite simple even though they make appear complicated to the eye and that is to move materials from one place to another. Although conveyor systems were at the beginning used to handle heavy and bulky materials, today they are everywhere.

Due to offering quick transportation of a large number of goods, this equipment has become an essential part of everyday life. And so, you will pick your luggage from a conveyor belt at the airport, or place your products in a supermarket on one when at the cash register. Basically, this transportation system is available in even the most mundane occasions, like in the restaurants or at the dry cleaners.

And because of their many purposes, there are different types of conveyor systems like pneumatic, vibrating, vertical and aero.  They can run overhead or on the floor, consist of trolleys, hooks, enclosed tracks or towline depending on the needs. Actually, this wonderful invention has probably changed your life more than once and that you didn’t even noticed it or knew it was involved.


It brought a decrease in human labour

Production process in a plant is complex and would require a considerable manpower to cover the demands of the market. This is something that would cost the factories a lot and even caused them to close due to the lack of money. While human labour is irreplaceable for some parts of the manufacturing process, there are those aspects that are better done via conveyor systems.

Use of conveyor systems is not only cost-effective but also raises the safety levels high since the injury to employees is therefore minimised. Additionally, human error is decreased as well which not only preserves lives but also brings quality products to the consumers.


The process is automated

One of the biggest benefits of conveyor systems is that they are automated. It will take some smaller adjustments like speed and on the push of a button, the machinery will start to transport the goods. Each company determines this automation and whether it will also require human interference.

For example, some processes may require that employees load and unload goods from conveyor belts, like food in the restaurants. But automation of the production process in factories highly influenced the mass-manufacturing of products and their swift delivery to the consumers. Furthermore, maintenance of the automated conveyor system will take less time, effort and money than managing hundreds of workers to do the same job.


It is used in various industries

You can find all sorts of modernized conveyor equipment today like Belle Banne that covers a wide range of industries. More importantly, one conveyor belt can be adjusted and repurposed for more than one manufacturing process. This is because conveyors can move in both directions and therefore they need only small calibrations to serve in another industry entirely. This lowers the costs for production and operation considerably since the companies don’t need new conveyors every time they change the process.


Conveyor system lowered the rate of material loss

Material loss is a serious issue that can cause a considerable decrease in profits for a company. The majority of material loss comes from damage during transportation. Additionally, mishandling by employees is also one of the leading reasons for the direct financial loss.

However, conveyor belts are also beneficial when there are sensitive goods which require immediate processing and therefore is time-pressing. This is especially observed in the food industry when certain ingredients need to be processed quickly to keep them fresh and safe for consummation.



Conveyor systems cover all sorts of processes across various industries making the production and services improved and faster. Their importance is undeniable and we would probably have fewer products available on the market if there weren’t for this genius invention.