The Real Estate Market: Improve Your Selling Game

Making sure that the piece of real estate that you’re selling is in its top shape can determine whether you’ll end up with a dream offer. And the perfect open house event is the pillar of your selling game. Every professional home stager is capable of making a certain property look tip-top, but even a seller with no professional experience can stage a perfect open house. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to style up your home for the big day and bring your A-game.

Repainting goes without saying

Having your home repainted is a key step in every major renovation project for a reason: it provides your house with a fresh look and it’s fairly simple. This part of a home remodel can easily be performed without hiring an expert. When it comes to the colour scheme, you should opt for neutral hues that will give your home a timeless appeal. If you have the popular open concept space that a great number of buyers dream of, you can use slight hue variations to outline different zones. Before you know it, your home will gleam with a jaw-dropping look. Thus, if you take the matters into your own hands, you will only need to set aside a small part of your budget that will pay itself off after the property is in the hands of its new owner.

Inspection is always a good choice

Staging an open house isn’t only about the aesthetics, be it interior or exterior. There are many potential issues lying around that may turn away every semi-experienced buyer who won’t hesitate to pay for a professional to give your home a check. These hidden issues, such as deteriorating roofs, outdated electrical systems, insect and rodent infestations and others, can be fixed cheaply and easily, so taking a huge risk of trying to hide these seemingly invisible problems simply isn’t worth it.

The biggest problem here, however, arises when you yourself aren’t aware of these hidden problems. By taking care of these potential issues, you’re avoiding unnecessary complications. Thus, you should hire the pros to give your home a thorough inspection and deal with any possible issues that may affect your sale price.

The first impression is the strongest

If you think that your home’s general exterior appeal is the single factor buyers pay attention to first, you’re wrong, unless the exterior is in a truly poor condition. The front door will play the biggest role in leaving a good first impression on potential buyers when coming to your open house event. And since the first impression can be extremely powerful, you should make it count. A solid, quality front door doesn’t just work as a stunning focal point of your home’s exterior, but is also a sign of great heat and sound insulation, as well as general home safety. If your front door is worn out, don’t hesitate to invest in a new one because it’s an investment worth making.

When it comes to your home’s interior, it’s the air quality and general atmosphere that make for the first impression. If your home feels stuffy, you should take a look at reliable air purifier ratings and find a quality purifier that will help you create an airy, open atmosphere. This is of the utmost importance if you’re hosting an open house event on a hot summer day. So, take your potential buyers’ breath away by providing a breathable atmosphere.

Let the sunshine in

No matter how gorgeous, curtains are never your ally during an open house because they block out your actual ally, the sunlight. In fact, if the blinds are left open, but down, they will reduce the amount of indoor light by as much as 50 percent. Therefore, you should make sure that your space has enough light, and there are numerous lighting tricks that will help you set the right mood. For example, you can use light gauzy curtains instead of heavy dark drapes.

Furthermore, swapping your personal art with mirrors will not only make your home seem more spacious, but it will also bring much more sunlight in if they are placed strategically, making it look brighter. For instance, if your home has a backyard, place a mirror on the wall across the window looking out on the yard as this will reflect the light and provide you with a beautiful view.

With the right home staging steps and appropriate remodelling projects, not only will you attract top buyers, but you’ll also get a higher sale price.