7 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Every homeowner knows that the true value of a property is measured by the ability to call it home. However, the current real estate market doesn’t share the same hearty opinion, as realtors look at home improvements, the location, general state the structure is in, etc. when determining a home’s market value. This process doesn’t have to be dull for you as the homeowner because there are at least 7 interesting ways to increase your home’s value.


Sprucing up the home’s exterior

When it comes to the exterior of your house, then you choose cement siding instead of simply repainting the façade. A fresh layer of paint is nice and all but you want the house to be protected against extreme weather conditions. Potential buyers will immediately appreciate the fact that fibre cement siding is fire-resistant, bug-proof, windproof etc. Of course, there are other ways to refresh the exterior look of your home, including installing better quality shingles on the roof or building a wood deck in the backyard.


Adding an extra room over the garage

One thing that people know to appreciate in a home is space and a lot of it. You can never have extra space so an additional room protruding over the garage is a home improvement to top them all, literally. This room doesn’t have to be large in size and its walls don’t have to make from the same material as the rest of the house. Just make sure you match the colour of the façade exactly. This space is ideal for a nursery or a guest room.


Installing a ventilation system in the roof

A conscientious real estate buying will take the effort to go up the attic to inspect the roof. If they spot a roof ventilation system they will be thrilled because this is a clear signal that the house is well looked after. A typical roof ventilation system uses various types of ventilators that help reduce moisture, mould, and heat that are commonplace in a roof. Furthermore, roof ventilators help prevent damage to electrical systems and reduce the cooling cost during summer.


Go for neutral colours

As far as interior wall surfaces are concerned, there is a trick on how to make them more appeals. Opposite to what you might think, vivid colours are not a good solution. In the eye of a prospective buyer, a room painted yellow and orange just means extra work and money they will have to spend repainting the walls. Before the house goes up for sale make sure all the walls inside are painted in neutral colours, such as white or grey.


Introduce plants to show you care

If you want to tell if a household is run well, don’t look beyond indoor plant life. Verdant leaves and ground that shows signs of watering are clear indicators that people living there are conscientious homeowners. Feel free to throw in a couple of extra flower pots to show that you take good care of your home. Finally, don’t forget to weed out the plants outside and remove all dead plants and bushes.


A freshly painted front door

When it comes to increasing curb appeal, the best and the most cost-effective solution is to repaint the front door. Not only does it take the everyday beating of locking, unlocking, and slamming but it is exposed to direct sunlight during summer. This means the door’s colour will fade and chip away in a matter of a decade so a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the look of the entire front façade. Unlike the walls inside, choose a lively colour, like yellow or green, for the front door.


Smoke detectors

Residential fire standards are a fairly novel thing so many older homes have no protection against fire. The new owner would definitely have to install smoke and CO2 detectors so why not do this instead of them! By meeting local fire codes, you are actually increasing your home’s value and cashing in on fire alarms. After all, you cannot place a price on home safety, which becomes more than a phrase when the house gets appraised.

The 7 improvements listed here are essentially fun to implement. After you’re done installing roof ventilation, painting the front door, and planting flowers, these investments will help your property fetch a higher price when it goes up for sale, securing a high-profit margin.


Author – Patrick Adams

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay