3 Innovative Garage Conversion Ideas

1 in 10 Brits are now opting to park elsewhere and convert their garage space into an extra, practical room for the whole family to utilise.

Here are 3 innovative ways to breathe new life into your misused and unloved garage:

Home Office

A home office is easy to achieve and comes with a multitude of benefits for the whole family. Invest in a desk that fits your space, with plenty of storage. Depending on the amount of space available, it might also be worth buying a table and chairs for any creative work or meetings.

Heating is essential, electric heaters are relatively cheap and will take the edge of a chilly day – you’ll also need to consider lighting to ensure the perfect level of illumination for your new work environment.

Finally, you’ll need some home comforts – a kettle is essential, but you’ll never be far away from home so needn’t invest in a fridge or kitchen appliances. Buy wall-mounted storage for your files, pictures and utilise any plug sockets to power a small radio, phone charger and your all-important laptop.

This space can also be made into a dual-purpose area for you to get on with important work and meetings during the day then double up as a homework haven for children on an evening to escape the distractions of trying to work inside the home.


Create a dedicated playroom for your children, allowing them to partake in messy crafts and play with as many of their toys as they want, without causing havoc in your home. Paint the walls in bright, stimulating colours, avoiding white where possible to minimise the visibility of obvious marks.

For a nice added extra, paint a feature wall in blackboard paint – this is very easy to find and use. Your child can then doodle to their hearts content!

Carpeting the garage floor is advisable to minimise any bumps and bruises – this will also add extra comfort and insulation which is key.

The options are endless, create a quiet reading corner filled with books and comfortable beanbags or a dedicated dress-up zone for your children to transform into anything they choose.

Guest Room

Providing you have an electricity supply and plug sockets, transforming a garage into a guest bedroom is much easier than you may think and infinitely cheaper than an extension!

Depending on the quality of your garage, you may need to look into insulation, damp-proofing and plastering but aside from that the rest is extremely straight forward. A fresh coat of paint, cosy carpet and heat supply teamed with a bed and a few home comforts is plenty to house any guest.

This option is especially handy if your children are fond of sleepovers and you’re growing tired of sleepless nights. To make their sleepover extra special, set up a TV and DVD player so they can lie in bed and watch a film, whilst munching on their midnight feast.

Perhaps you don’t have a garage yet and these innovative ideas have caught your interest? If so, investing in a garage is a great idea, not just for the extra living space, but also fiscally, as a garage can add as much as 10% to the value of your property. Garage experts, Lidget Compton offer bespoke, high quality concrete garages, in a range of finishes, so whether you want to create a playroom for your little ones, or simply have a space to park your car safely, a garage is a fantastic investment.  Take a look at the range of prefabricated garages from Lidget Compton for extra inspiration.