Interesting facts about luxury bathrooms

Did you know that the most expensive bathtub ever sold was called Le Grand Queen and it went for the incredible sum of $1.7m? It was carved by a rare gemstone and was sold – perhaps unsurprisingly – to an anonymous bidder. But this is far from the only amazing story about this humble room; this infographic offers an insight into some of the most incredible facts about the bathroom.

The concept of the bathroom stretches back as far as 3000BC and originally had connotations with religious purity. Toilets and bathing have obviously evolved a long way since then; today there’s even a bathroom in outer space. The International Space Station has a bespoke toilet system that was designed and engineered at a cost of $19m.

Read on to find out more incredible facts like the lists of which are the most popular and least popular colours to have in your bathroom? Seafoam green is on one of those lists – can you guess which one?  Plus discover the incredible number of bathrooms in the White House and the most desirable features that you can have in your bathroom.