Simple Interior Additions That Will Increase The Value of Your Home

When it comes to sprucing up home décor, the best ideas are often simple and inexpensive.

From Australia to the UK, homeowners are finding ways to boost home value without spending a fortune. Whether you are planning to upgrade the value of your home ahead of a sale, or simply looking to decorate your new home, a few interior additions can prep up your property at low, or even no cost.

We thought of a few home décor ideas that will instantly transform your space.


Revamp the Entrance

First impressions last long, so the front façade can make a huge impact on how well maintained and updated your home is. Use big, bold numbering, brightly coloured front door, and smart landscaping to add to the kerb appeal. No one appreciates a tired-looking property; keep the area around the entrance clean and welcoming – clean pathways and garden, add new plants, fix loose pavers or fencing.

home painting

Revive with Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform any house magically. If you can tackle, paint the walls yourself and hire professionals to do the ceilings. Give your skirting boards, doors, window and door frames a thorough cleaning from time to time.

Choose neutral wall colours like beige or grey for the interiors to enjoy ample decorating flexibility, as you can easily switch up your accessories. Use subtle variation of shades between rooms.


kitchen worktop

Give a Face-lift to the bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are one the key areas that help boost property value. Don’t be thrifty while renovating these spaces. Install new and quality appliances, an open plan layout, sufficient storage space, and modern fittings and fixtures to hold the on-lookers interest. Use wall mirrors, heated towel rails in bathrooms to add to the luxury.

Update your kitchen including changing cupboard and cabinet hardware.


Mirror, Mirror in Every Room

Mirrors can make a space feel brighter. Hang at least one mirror in every room. A great option can be to use lighted mirrors similar to the LED mirrors from Clearlight Designs to bring abundant natural daylight into your rooms.


Spruce Up the Living Area

The key to an ideal living area is it should invite conversation. Aim for an H-shaped or U-shaped seating area where your sofa talks to your chairs.

sash windows

Rethink Window Treatments

Transform your home style by updating window treatments like curtains, blinds, shutters or even smart motorisation, or even block-out curtain to add a touch of luxury. Select a timeless style so there’s no need to change often.


Update Flooring

Get your carpets cleaned and identify if it is time to replace your floor covering. If the floorboards are showing signs of age, try cleaning them. You can choose to have them lime-washed, stained, painted or resealed.

lights in a kitchen

Lights Matter

Get rid of outdated light fixtures. Every room should have modern light fixtures to create a statement. Consider layered lighting for the best effect.

Great renovations are not about knowing just what to change; attention to detail pays off to give your home a designer’s touch. Make small interior additions that offer big value.