Introducing Property Radio

Hello and welcome from all of us at Property Radio. We are a brand new internet radio station and the first ever focused on the world of property, with experts to answer all of your queries live on air

So who are we?

Property Radio is a unique internet radio station discussing everything to do with the world of Property- with live phone-ins, property experts, play again and internet podcasts. So if you miss your favourite programme, you can listen in your own time and convenience. You can get involved in our phone ins and put your own questions to our experts.

We are also a lifestyle station with sections relating to (but not exclusively about) Property. We broadcast about travel, holidays and health as well as arts and entertainment, business, current affairs, sport and weather- meaning that we will always have something to peak your interest and keep you up to date.

Our website will also reflect this and you can access our blogs on all of these topics too. We have dedicated writers and journalists working with us, ensuring that what reaches you via our website is the highest quality.

Why Property?

We discovered that buying and renting Property can be an exciting step, yet also difficult and confusing. However, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge on Property at home and abroad and our Property experts are here to guide you through your search in our live phone in discussions, texts and emails.

We want to set up a community of listeners at Property Radio, dedicated to helping one another achieve their Property goals, as well as discussing lighter lifestyle topics.

What will Property Radio discuss?

From first time buyers, getting a mortgage, buy to lets, to property developers, there is something of interest to everyone and for whatever need. We will be providing advice and discussion on all of these topics.  Property Radio will also be media partnering at property shows around the UK, so you can come and visit us!

Join Property Radio!

We offer advertising, sponsorship, media-partnering with property shows and “paid for” airtime.

As the station develops, we will release merchandise and set up a Property Radio Membership Club which will have many exciting benefits.

Do join us on our journey as we discuss the world of Property and build Property Radio online.

About Property Radio

Founder of Property Radio – Mike Segall.

Blog author/ social media manager – Eleanor Segall

Facebook: Property Radio | Twitter: @propertyradiouk

Email: and  or

Phone: 07809 277 111

For more on our bios, see the website