Investors attracted to UK property investments post-Brexit

The property market was hotly debated in the run up to the EU Referendum.

Many people predicted that the residential property sector would experience severe repercussions if the UK decided to leave the EU.

However, since it was announced that the UK would take steps to leave the single market, there has been little negative activity.

In fact, investors have remained confident about UK property investments.

Generation Rent

As homeownership reaches a 30-year low, the demand for good quality rental property across the country remains strong.

According to PwC, renting privately is very much considered normal for younger generations. Additional affordable housing may help to ease the situation however, it is not thought that construction will keep up with demand.

This has led PwC to predict that Generation Rent will continue to expand between now and 2025.

Strength of the buy-to-let

In a post-Brexit economy, buy-to-let investors do not appear to be fazed by the future performance of the sector.

New data from the experts at Shawbrook Bank has shown that investor confidence has dropped by a mere 2% throughout the course of the year.

Of those surveyed, 59% of investors were confident about the lending environment at the start of the year.

Highlighting the strength of the sector, this figure only slipped to 57% by the middle of the year.

Confidence post-Brexit

In an unexpected twist of the tale, the same survey conducted by Shawbrook Bank has also revealed that more people are now looking for buy-to-let investments than at the start of 2016.

56% of respondents were looking to expand their portfolio at the start of the year. This figure has risen by 2% to 58% post-Brexit.

If this data is anything to go by, it would seem that the UK still can provide robust property investments which can withstand economic adversity.

Stephen Johnson, deputy chief executive officer and managing director of property finance at Shawbrook Bank commented: ‘Seeing this optimism reflected in investors’ plans to acquire new buy to let properties is a promising sign that the specialist market shows no signs of slowing despite uncertainty.’

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