Is 2022 the year Brits truly embrace sustainability?

  • New data from community-sharing app OLIO reveals an impressive 81% of its users are pledging to step up their eco-credentials in 2022
  • Over a quarter (27%) of the app’s 2.3 million-strong UK community say protecting the planet for future generations is one of their biggest motivators, as well as a desire to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle (26%)
  • More Brits are also committing to changing their spending habits – with borrowing instead of buying set to become one of the most popular ways to protect the planet this year
  • Community-spirit will also play a big role – with two fifths (40%) of respondents saying they believe sharing, lending and borrowing items locally is key to a more sustainable life
  • OLIO has launched its new BORROW feature meaning communities can lend and borrow their household items neighbour-to-neighbour, in an effort to reduce wasteful, one-off purchases

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Sustainability is a top priority for Brits as we continue into 2022, according to free-sharing app OLIO. Green commitments are high on people’s lists of 2022 intentions as we pledge to live more sustainably and reduce our environmental footprint.

According to OLIO, which has more than five million users worldwide, 81% of its UK community will be making sustainability-related resolutions this year – with reducing food waste and single use plastic and eating less meat as some of the top goals.

Our attitudes towards shopping is another major change on the horizon. One in five OLIO users say they are planning on buying fewer brand new items (18%) in 2022, and instead will be focusing on borrowing items, or shopping secondhand, where possible. Indeed, a massive two thirds (68%) of OLIO respondents said that having the ability to borrow, as opposed to buying new, would have a significant impact on living more sustainably.

Key to this will be community spirit – with a fifth (21%) of respondents stating strong community links will be integral to achieving their eco-goals. And it would appear that community spirit is very much alive and well, with one in 10 (12%) respondents saying they feel more connected to their neighbours and community since the pandemic.

The research coincides with the launch of OLIO’s newest function: BORROW – which allows app users to list commonly used household items that are available for their neighbours to borrow on a temporary basis.

Since its test-pilot late last year, the new BORROW function has already gained over 3,000 listings from users in just a matter of weeks – including everything from power tools and airbeds, to pasta makers and even disco balls!

Speaking about the launch, OLIO co-founder and CEO Tessa Clarke, said: “Last year was a huge win for sustainability in terms of raising awareness, with COP26 ensuring climate change finally became a firm part of the global news agenda. However it’s clear from this new data that 2022 is the year for turning the talk into action.

“One of the easiest ways we can each play our part is by reducing our consumption – so that means buying fewer brand new items and instead thinking more about sharing, reusing and borrowing.

“Most of us have lots of useful items dotted around the house that we barely use – the new OLIO BORROW feature means that you can now make these items available for your neighbours to borrow for short periods of time, which feels really great.

“So the next time you’re thinking of doing a spot of DIY, instead of spending your hard earned money on a new drill that you won’t use again for years, why not see if someone round the corner can lend you one?”