Is this the world’s youngest property developer?

A nine-year-old girl is building shelters for the homeless because she believes everyone should have somewhere to live.

Nine-year-old schoolgirl uses DIY skills to build shelters for the homeless
Nine-year-old schoolgirl uses DIY skills to build shelters for the homeless

Hailey Ford, from King Fort, Washington in the USA, told news network WRCB that she is constructing an 8ft x 4ft wooden structure for her friend Edward, who has been left homeless after losing his job at a supermarket.

“I don’t really want him to be rained on by all the bad weather we get here,” she explained.

Hailey, who is a dab hand with nail guns, hydraulic staplers and electric drills, is building the shelter almost entirely on her own under the supervision of her mother Miranda.

After completing Edward’s new home, Hailey has plans to build a further 10 shelters for other homeless people in her area.

Her mother commented: “If Hailey had her way we’d have mobile sleeping shelters taking up our front lawn.”

However, each shelter costs about $300 (£197) to build, and the Ford family is appealing for donations to be able to start constructing the next wooden building.

This is not Hailey’s first attempt to help people who have fallen on hard times. When she was five, she saw a homeless man on the street and bought him lunch. Since then, Hailey has started growing vegetables to donate to her local food bank, raised funds to buy toiletries for the needy and most recently bought 10 PO Box addresses to help homeless people apply for jobs.

To follow Hailey’s charitable efforts and donate to her family’s appeal for funding, visit her Facebook and GoFundMe pages.

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