How to Keep Your Office Safe Over the Summer

Do you own an office or are the landlord of a commercial property that is in use over the summer months? Or maybe you own an office space which will be closed over the summer and left empty while everyone enjoys their holidays. With the warmer weather here, sometimes we can make easy mistakes that make it easier for burglars to target our office spaces. Just think, did you remember to shut the window you opened to let in the cooler breeze in the warm office? It is little things like this that can result in big consequences and is exactly what a potential thief will be looking for. Here, we are taking you through some of our recommended tips on how to keep your office safe over the summer months.

Locking Up Laptops

If you work in an office with lots of laptops, then you are probably guilty of getting up and leaving the office to head out and enjoy the summer sun without sparing a second thought to the security of your laptop. Laptops are a popular target for criminals and they will know that in your office, you are highly likely to have lots of them which makes you a target. There are two ways in which you can ensure that your laptops are kept safe and secure. The first is to lock them away in a drawer, making sure that you take the key home with you. Secondly, you can invest in Kensington locks which will ensure that all of your laptops are locked down and cannot be removed from the office. These are very cheap and can be fitted

Install Wireless CCTV and An Alarm

If your office is going to be left empty for part of the summer, you will still want to make sure that you can check in and that should someone try to burgle you, you will be notified immediately. An alarm can be a great way to alert instantly if someone is breaking into your office and some high-tech alarms can notify the police. For another layer of security, we would advise that you have a wireless CCTV system installed. Wireless CCTV camera installation is not expensive and will ensure that you not only catch any burglars but also that you deter them too. The London based CCTV installers at ACCL provide a free on-site survey which may be worth looking into. You can find more about this option and the company over at the following link:

Ensuring WiFi is Safe and Secure

While we can place a lot of emphasis on how to physically keep your office safe, we can tend to forget about other safety aspects that make our office not as secure as we would think. Always make sure that you place a password on your WiFi as an open WiFi connection can allow hackers to steal sensitive information about you, your business and your clients. With lots of new rules in place from GDPR, it is now absolutely vital, under law, that you ensure your clients details are kept safe with you.