The Top Five Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out For

Renovating your kitchen is no small task, and is often the one we think to put off the most. But times are changing, with many prioritising kitchen renovations over any other kind. Choosing a direction for your new kitchen design can be difficult, though; what kitchen trends should you be looking out for, to inform your future renovation efforts?

kitchen with handleless cupboards

Open Storage

The conventional fitted kitchen makes use of doors and shelf lids to hide the contents of their units. Many of us take these doors and shelves for granted, even as they have a bounding impact on the kitchen itself. Modern kitchen design trends are bucking the trend though, by removing the doors entirely.

Instead of closed-off units, new designs incorporate open shelving for crockery and hanging solutions for pans. The design idea is versatile, suiting minimal spaces but also allowing maximalist ideas to infiltrate the kitchen proper.

Sunny Kitchens

Natural light has been an evergreen fixture in contemporary design, whether minimalist or maximalist – but modern trends are leaning heavily into natural sunlight as décor philosophy. Floor-to-ceiling windows and French door units are used to blur the line between kitchen and garden, while skylights are used to great effect to lift ceilings and bathe workspaces in daylight.

Handleless Kitchens

Futurism is always rife in interior design, as designers and homeowners alike fold futuristic materials and design ideas into their aesthetics. Contemporary kitchen designs have tended towards the minimalist for some time, but there are new iterations that accentuate the sleek design of the Bauhaus era with new modern functionality.

The handleless fitted kitchen is the culmination of this design philosophy, and an emerging trend going into 2023. Kitchen units and appliances are rendered utterly smooth by the removal of conspicuous handles, replaced by grooved lids and push-latch technology for a seamless futurist feel.

Natural Materials

There has been a huge push in interior design toward natural materials in recent years, for several key reasons. Firstly, concern over the global climate crisis has reached the consumer – inspiring habit changes and even aesthetic shifts towards more sustainable and natural material finishes. Secondly, the concept of biophilic design has taken off in its own right, with partial thanks to the growing popularity of houseplants.

These factors have co-aligned to make natural kitchen designs a hugely popular prospect for newer home builds. Sustainable materials are also becoming cheaper to manufacture, allowing more builders to offer new design ideas at a lower price point.

Curved Islands

Kitchen islands are nothing new to contemporary kitchen design, but their form has been changing. Curved aesthetics are making their way back into interior design across the board, and kitchens are no different. Central islands are transformed into living forms, with curves and crooks that add a new sense of dynamism to the room.

In summary

The kitchen tends to be the heart of the home for many, a place to socialise and enjoy time together. Whilst a renovation seems like a mammoth task, take your time when drawing up plans and consider these top five trends before you begin renovating your dream kitchen.