What To Make Sure Before You Change Your Kitchen Worktops

Being comfortable is one of the most important things that people first opt for no matter whatever they are up to. And when this comfort is about your kitchen, you can’t compromise at all. Above everything else that adorns your kitchen and makes it look perfect is a worktop. The kitchen worktops not only enhance the appearance of your overall kitchen space but also offer the most comfortable cooking experience to users. However, if the worktop is becoming old and you think there’s a need to replace it with a new one, you should instantly go for it.

Well, before you start looking for an alternative, you must know the preparations that you may need to make to get your kitchen worktop installed in the best way.


Clean the Space

The first and foremost thing is to clean the area you want to accommodate your worktop in. After the installation, you may not get a chance to clean the space inside. Hence, deep cleaning of the area to provide your worktop a clean and tidy place to get it fit in is the most significant step.


Know the Measurement

Before you get your stone kitchen worktops adjusted in a given place, it is recommended that you go through the measurements properly. While you position anything at home, there is a slight issue with the size i.e. either your space is less than what’s required or it’s way more than you need. Make sure you keep space for overhanging. Don’t let it be anything less than what you require. Keeping space for overhang is important.


Modify to fit

When you fit your worktop against the wall, it is likely that the wall space will not be perfect but slightly uneven. Hence, there will be gaps to be filled. This is where you will be required to trim your worktop.


Cut the length

When you are trying to replace your old worktop, you must not repeat the mistakes that you committed last time. For example, during the last installation, you might not have kept in mind to keep an extra space for overhang while cutting the length of it short. This time, don’t repeat the same mistake. Keep at least 20mm of extra space for overhang from each side to get a perfect and comfy fit.


Secure it to kitchen cabinets

Most of the kitchen worktops are kept secured to kitchen cabinets. You can do so by attaching both with screws from underneath and by fixing brackets.


A hole for sink connection

Make sure, you cut an accurately sized hole to set up a connection between your kitchen sink and worktop.


Once you make sure achieving all the above things by following the steps serially, you can be assured of getting your kitchen worktop fitting well. Moreover, if you are worried about the kitchen worktop prices, you need not to have any issue. You will get the worktop solutions at affordable rates, thereby ensuring a comfortable kitchen for yourself and the lady of the house. A little bit of effort and you will get a kitchen you desire to have.