Landlord leaves tenants with no kitchen after ripping out bathroom

The landlord was fine, but unfortunately he liked to try and fix things on the cheap with the cheapest, stupidest handymen he could find. We had one who owed the landlord a lot of money, so our kind landlord let him “work it off” on our bathroom. He repeatedly asked to show up at 8am, wouldn’t appear at all.

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Bathroom ripped out by landlord
Image credit: Nigel Mykura

After four days of this, he showed up at 11am, looked around, said “I need to go buy supplies” and didn’t come back until the next day. On day five he ripped out our bathroom ceiling and didn’t come back for two weeks. He would show up and “work” for 15 minutes and then leave again. It took three months (and he never actually completed the job) for something that should have taken one day.

Search for horror stories about landlords and Google will produce this gem from the US. But one landlord on this side of the Atlantic has gone one stage further and not only ripped out its tenants’ bathroom but their kitchen as well.

It has been reported that Dominic Fryd and wife Kinga were left with no shower, sink or toilet at their rented flat in east London.

And after a week without a bathroom, the couple returned to their £700-a-month room in a converted warehouse in Hoxton Street to find the kitchen missing as well.

The couple claim that at 10am on March 16 they received a text message from the landlord saying it wanted to replace the bathroom. Mrs Fryd let a workman into the property an hour later and after returning home from work that evening found the shower unit, lavatory and sink had been ripped from the tiled walls and dumped in one of the spare bedrooms.

Garland Development, which manages the property, told the couple a replacement bathroom would be fitted within 48 hours. But one week later there was no sign of the work being completed.

The couple were, however, given alternative accommodation in the same block after the kitchen in their property was removed.

A spokesman for Garland said: “The landlord is refurbishing and gave them another flat to use. It’s normal to have a two-week turnover.”