Why Should Landlords Invest in the Gardens of Rental Property?

With summer here, and hopefully some decent weather arriving soon, gardens nationwide are set to come out of hibernation and be put into heavy use over the next few months.

As a landlord, getting the garden fit and ready for the summer period may not be atop your list of priorities, after all, you have plenty of other responsibilities to worry about that you may feel are more pressing. However, there should be plenty of motivation to invest in the outdoor elements of your properties, both financially and otherwise.


Add Value, for Now, & the Future

By merely having an outdoor space attached to a house, your property enjoys added value. However, the condition and upkeep of that space plays a huge part in how much, with a well-maintained garden adding up to 20% to the value of your home.

Thus, if you have the luxury of outdoor spaces available on your property, you can achieve higher rental costs now, as well as an increased sale value in the future should you ever come to sell, simply by looking after the outside.


Standout from the Competition

Despite there being more renters than virtually ever, there’s still a need to make your property standout when it comes to advertising it on the market. Especially in the urban sprawl where so many properties lack any outdoor facilities, a good garden can really draw significant interest.

Not only will it enable you to charge a higher monthly rate, but you’ll also be able to get the property off the market quicker and likely be able to pick the best applicants from a horde of would-be tenants.


Boost Tenant Wellbeing

Once your tenants are signed and through the door, it’s often easy to forget that they still need looking after. Happy tenants mean less stress and maintenance for you, as well as greater potential for contract renewals when it comes to the end of the year.

Offering a proper garden area will not only give your tenants an enjoyable and usable space, but also show your care for their experience as a landlord, and the value of a good tenant-landlord relationship should never be understated.


It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

In spite of any reservations you may have, it doesn’t have to cost much money to get the garden to a level where it truly adds value to the property. When it comes to general expectations of a good outdoor space, things needn’t be to Chelsea Flower Show standards, merely just neat and tidy.

This often boils down to investment of time rather than funds. Regularly mown grass, clean garden paving and weeded flower beds should be enough to give the garden a sense of usability, although it’s up to you if you wish to go the extra mile and spend money.

Overall though, for a bit of time, labour and maybe a few pounds spent, you can add a new level to your properties, simply by taking advantage of the outdoor space you have to work with.