Let there be light

Winter is peak time for break-ins, with longer nights providing more cover. And with Christmas around the corner, burglars are on the look-out for homes that will provide them and their families with a supply of festive gifts.

One of the most effective ways of preventing a break-in is to deny any would-be thief the cover of darkness. It has been demonstrated that homeowners that install outdoor sensor lights reduce the risk of falling victim to a break-in.

The illumination of a courtyard, porch or garden space can put off a thief from attempting to enter your property.

The big attraction of motion sensor lighting is that it offers a relaxed approach to lighting controls outside. Once you’ve connected a lamp to a passive infrared sensor or installed a model that integrates the two, you’ll barely need to touch them again because they’ll have your lighting arrangement conveniently in hand.

By using a sensor lighting system you needn’t worry about turning the lamp on or off because it will automatically come on when movement is detected. This can not only deter burglars, it conserves energy and saves money because unneeded light will not go to waste.

Key benefits of outdoor sensor lights

  • Make would-be thieves think twice about entering your garden or property
  • Conserve energy and reduce electricity bills
  • Conveniently turn on without any manual controls required
  • Modifiable settings to alter how long it turns on for and which area it illuminates
  • Models include a PIR, so there’s no need to individually connect the sensor with a lamp.
  • Often made with strong, reliable and IP rated materials to ensure longevity outside.
  • Offers a precise and accurate beam to a specifically chosen area.
  • Some can contain further security features such as audio recorders and CCTV.

steinel motion sensor lightNew improved looks

There was a time not so long ago where manufacturers could only provide bulky and ugly motion sensor lights. These models were limited in their operation and lacked all the intelligence and looks that an image conscious property demands.

However, times have changed and security lighting designers are paying a lot more attention on the aesthetics. This means that modern homes needn’t sacrifice good looks for performance because nowadays the market offers a beautiful blend of both.

More and more cutting-edge models are starting to filter through the market to successfully reflect the demand for smarter and more attractive security lighting. You can now buy motion sensor lights that stay true to the style of traditional lantern wall lights, a favourite for those that enjoy a classical and vintage appeal. There are also motion sensor lights that look stunningly slick and draw major influences from modern day technology and streamline designs. As an example there’s a motion sensor light that uses two panels – one LED and the other halogen, the LED panel lights up the home’s number with the halogen side giving off enough light to illuminate the surrounding area once motion is detected.

The main point I’m trying to get across is that motion sensor lighting doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless any more. With a new surge in attractive models you can now kill two birds with one stone (deter burglars and illuminate the area) without having to sacrifice your home’s style and image. So why not combat the evening and morning darkness, whilst also repelling would-be thieves, by getting yourself a new and improved motion sensor light!