Light Up Your Life

Good lighting can never be underestimated in creating a certain mood and ambience in a property and undertaken effectively will create a very comfortable environment at any time of day or night. Of course different rooms will require different types of lighting to get just the right tone, and it is important to assess how you can get maximum potential in every part of the house.

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated or expensive the décor and furniture is, if the lighting is not right it will mar the whole effect. Typically there are 3 types of lighting that fall into the following broad categories: general lighting; ambient or decorative lighting and individual or focused lighting.

To get the right lighting can be tricky but very worthwhile, so it pays to engage a lighting expert such as to assess the best style and illumination for a particular area of the home.


A lighting company can take some of the pressure off deciding which type of lights should go where as they will have extensive experience and diverse styles to choose from. However, generally there are certain rules you can apply to each room in a property:

Living Room: as a general rule you will require ceiling lights to provide the necessary illumination at certain times of day or at night, and in some cases suitable wall lights can be used instead of the ceiling variety. Different kinds of lighting are usually prevalent in a living area. For a more chilled atmosphere lamps can be used in the evening and usually there may be decorative lighting in cabinets, bookshelves and other areas to create a warm glow.

Kitchen and Dining Room: as these are more functional rooms a combination of practical ceiling lighting will be required for cooking, dinner preparation and other tasks, but with focused lighting on cookers and worktops and with a choice of dimmed lighting when sitting down for a meal.

Bedroom: although some ceiling lighting will be required this may be less harsh than in other rooms such as the kitchen. There should be plenty of ambient lighting such as lamps, wardrobe and cupboard lights and maybe even purely fun or decorative lighting items.

Bathroom: lights can be whiter and brighter in the bathroom area as you will need to use mirrors for applying make-up, shaving or other tasks.


Therefore, make sure you don’t stint on your lighting when you are refurbishing your home and contact the specialists, as great lighting is one of the singular most important aspects of a welcoming and attractive property!