A guide to living in the South of England

Living south of the division between the slightly wetter (and arguably louder) North and the prim and proper, slightly sunnier South will certainly be a unique experience compared to anywhere else in the UK. While it is known for its outstanding natural beauty, there is far more to this area than just greenery and hills to excite the senses.

The Weather

If there’s a reason to move further south of the Pennines then this is certainly a good one. Receiving a significant amount more sun than the Northern end of the UK, places like Cornwall and Devon are holiday destinations for a reason. With the winds of the Kalahari bringing better summers and the winters settling a little further north, the outside is a little more pleasant in London than it is in Newcastle. It goes without saying, the North is significantly rainier than the South so if you’re not a lover of walks in the pelting precipitation, part buy part rent in Devon may be more your thing.

The Metropolis

While Manchester is a great night out and Newcastle’s chips and gravy are pretty unrivalled, there’s simply nothing like that of London with its plethora of culture and undeniable vibrancy that makes it such a unique city. With many of the outer areas around London just as interesting as the centre, you can meander your way through a vast variation of subcultures, celebrations of food and modern retail havens. From the contemporary collection of restaurants and bars in Greenwich Millennium Village, to the booming business district attracting young professionals and heaps of innovative creativity, this City simply has it all.

Living by the seaThe Sea

Who doesn’t love a long walk down the beach? The South of England is completely lined with seaside villages, sandy shores and charming sea-ports. With properties for sale in Brighton and various other seaside towns, living here is quite simply a dream come true. You can’t exactly wake up to the gentle hum of the ocean in Stoke, so The South really has the advantage here. You’re never too far from a decent beach in summer and you certainly don’t have to go too far for the real holiday feeling and jumping in and out of waves.

So if you’ve been swayed to the South of England or you’re still a Northern soul with an attachment to the accent, the UK is a wonderful place from top to bottom. With plenty of opportunities now emerging to get you onto the property ladder in no time, wherever you decide to live you can easily take advantage of the schemes out there to help you and make life easier.

Author – James McCarthy