11 Low-end and High-cost Ideas to alter the Value of your Property

Increasing the price of your current abode can be a tricky challenge. You should balance changes done to what extend improvements are practical, esthetic, and add real value for your family, roommates or renters. And you need to achieve the golden balance while running your budget on a tight leash.

Let’s start with an example – if you turn your house into a piece of modern art and charge £330,000 GBP for it in a neighbourhood where £150,000 GBP is the absolute limit, you can forget about seeing any ROI. If you’re unsure where to begin, consider these 5 budget-friendly and 4 high-cost tips that will give your property that extra pizzazz it needs to stand out in the crowd.

Budget-friendly Improvements

#1 Revive the faded colours of your walls

Paint is one of the tried and tested methods of getting any property look good in no time. This goes double if your walls are dressed in faded and unenticing colours. Neutral colours will get the job done, but try not to use the same colour in all rooms. Opt for warm orange, green, blue, and grey shades, but stick to colder hues in the bedroom to create a more relaxing effect.

Regardless of what colours you choose, make sure to always select flat or semi-gloss finishes. The reason is that high-gloss finishes require significantly more coats before the wall can be considered painted, and the expenses will quickly add up.

You can also try out products that allow you to create custom finishes, for instance rollers that can apply two colours at once.

#2 Give your windows a bold new look

Privacy is a big selling point and naked windows can dissuade many renters from accepting your offer, unless your property is situated in a rural area. If your windows don’t sport any shades or curtains and your neighbour has a clear view of your living room, make sure to dress them up as soon as possible.

You can also use stained glass applications or install new blinds, but keep in mind that the latter are quite pricey and are infuriatingly difficult to maintain.

If your windows have been around for quite a while, you should replace them completely. Get double pane windows to ensure that your property will remain well insulated and that any street noises will get muffled. Ideally, your windows should feature wood, fibreglass, vinyl or composite frames as they are far better at insulating heat than their aluminum or metal counterparts.

#3 Make partial updates to your kitchen…

The kitchen is perhaps the most eye-catching room in any property besides the bathroom. But an appealing kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands of pounds. A few low-cost solutions include repainting your cabinets, replacing the countertops, and adding a couple of extra appliances to meet the demands of every modern cook.

If you have extra money to spend, consider changing all faucets and sinks (especially if they have been used for 10+ years), replacing the flooring or simply try removing scuffs and marks yourself.

#4 And a few tweaks to your bathroom

Remember when we said that the bathroom is as equally as important as your kitchen? A poorly maintained or outdated bathroom can make or break a deal. That’s why it’s important for you to try and create the most impressive bathroom you can afford.

As with your kitchen, any sinks, faucets, or sprayers that have been used for a long time should be immediately replaced. New tiling and wall-mounted shelf units are another shortcut to creating a luxurious-looking bathroom.

#5 Wipe and polish everything in sight

No matter what improvements you decide to introduce into your home or flat, you need to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of cleaning to really make them stand out.

The good news is that this “improvement” will cost you virtually nothing (about £50 tops) as all you’ll need will be a bunch cleaning detergents, rubber gloves, a few clean cloths, and lots of free time to spare.

The bad news is that the work needs to be very rigorous as many home viewers will look high and low for any concealed stains or smells before agreeing to live there. If you don’t think that you can do this on your own, you can hire trained cleaners to:

  • Dust all woodwork and remove ceiling cobwebs;
  • Clean light switches, skirting boards, and door frames;
  • Vacuum floors and polish the windows;
  • Scrub kitchen appliances and bathroom tiles;
  • Refresh any other interior surface you can think of.

Oh, and if you have an outdoor mat placed outside the front door, don’t neglect it but make sure it is looking clean and neat.

#6 Sanitise and deep clean carpeted areas

Old and grimmy carpet or floorboards will not give you an advantage over the other sellers. So, you should deep clean the carpeting and make sure there isn’t a single stain.

Sure, you can try to do it yourself or rent a carpet cleaning machine, but the most efficient way remains to have a visit from a professional in the field.

Dean Davies, a carpet cleaning technician from Fantastic Services, shares “The first impression is vital in the real estate market, and the carpet is one of the first things buyers are going to see when they enter your property. A clean and well-maintained carpet shows that the property has been taken care of.

Unpleasant odour lurking from any type of rug or carpet is another turn off of potential property hunters. If needed, disinfect it using baking soda and vinegar, have the carpeting professionally sanitised or buy a cleaner and DIY before making any viewings so you can welcome prospects in a fresh and clean environment.”

High-cost Improvements

#7 Fully refurbish your bathroom & kitchen

The best way in which you can improve your property’s value is by redoing your kitchen and bathroom entirely. For the kitchen, this usually involves purchasing of new cabinets and appliances or installing new flooring and even designer lighting. For the bathroom, many fixtures may need to be replaced depending on their age (tubs, showers, toilets, etc.).

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even change the entire layout of both rooms! However, we suggest only doing this in more well-to-do areas where you know that your investment will actually pay off.

#8 Replace the flooring throughout the property

You cannot hope to cater to the richer folk without updating your flooring, especially if your current one features linoleum. Depending on your budget, get laminate, tile, stone, or hardwood to achieve a nice balance between looks and durability.

Plus, any of these are easy to clean.

If you are torn apart between carpets and hard flooring, this should come in handy.

#9 Carve out some space for an extra bedroom

A home renovation like that could drive the price up by a few thousand pounds and that’s quite worth considering.

First. Take your time and choose which room you can spare and convert to a second bedroom. This could be a colossal dining room, merging storage compartments out outlining area shared by more than one room, especially with the prevalence of plaster wall in interior.

Two. Measure the area. Try laying out your desired new dreamy room to make your home a bit more perfect. Lay furniture as you would. To exercise on a sandy beach counts. Make your measurements exact and bring furnishing from the rest of the house. If the place ends up feeling a bit too cramped, do the math and see how much building a new room from scratch will take you.

#10 Fitness and exercise

Adding the health and sports benefit to the list can have a considerable impact on the overall value of your home. You’re not bound to dedicate an entire room to it but units such as exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines can entirely alter the interior and more important, the daily routine of the inhabitants. Guides likes ExerciseCenter.co.uk offer various reviews and comparison of the best models and finding the best set of units for you specific is just a matter of choice.

#11 Reimagine your backyard with some landscaping work

A pretty yard is always a big advantage, especially if your prospective tenants are fond of gardening. More permanent solutions include placement of a new mailbox, installing an outdoor lighting system, wooden decking, laying walkways, and investing in an outdoor fireplace.

Once you have that covered, move to the less permanent part of your garden – the plants. You can quickly create an impressive-looking garden without much babysitting by growing several species of low-maintenance plants, such as azaleas, lavenders, crocuses, tulips, and petunias.

Finally, add a touch of evergreen magnolias to keep your garden nice and cool all year-round.