Lumino: Your One-Stop Shop for Bathroom Lighting

Lumino specialise in a variety of chic, illuminated mirrors including battery operated mirrors and cabinets for super-easy installation with no re-wiring. Each cabinet and mirror comes with its own individual list of features and benefits including Bluetooth, energy efficient lighting, demister features, motion sensors and shaver sockets.

Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors:

A modern and minimalist LED illuminated bathroom mirrors will create a stunning focal point for your bathroom. Choose from a wide range of styles and lighting options to find the mirror that will really show off your flair for design.

LED Battery Mirrors:

LED battery mirrors are quick and easy to install with no need for any additional wiring – they also come with the same innovative features as the LED illuminated mirrors. Delivered pre-assembled, all of Lumino’s LED battery mirrors are quick and easy to install.

Bathroom Cabinets:

Elegant bathroom cabinet mirrors ensure your bathroom stays both stylish and tidy. With a number of shelving options and innovative added extras you’re sure to be inspired by Lumino’s range of quality cabinet mirrors.

Illuminated Bathroom Cabinets:

Make your storage space the centrepiece of your bathroom with a functional and sleek LED illuminated cabinet. All LED illuminated cabinets feature energy efficient lights and come in a variety of styles to suit any contemporary bathroom.

LED Bathroom Cabinets:

Lumino bathroom cabinets are the perfect choice for when you have big ambitions for a tricky space. With energy efficient LED lights, these cabinets offer all the functionality of illuminated LED battery cabinets without the hassle of installing additional plug sockets.

Non-Illuminated Cabinets:

The collection also features non-illuminated cabinets for those who love the style and functionality of Lumino’s cabinets but don’t require any additional lighting.

5 Year Guarantee:

Lumino typically offer 5-year warranties on their middle range and 10 years on top range products if bought through the Lumino website. Please check the product page to confirm the exact warranty length for each model.